Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What to do...

What to do, what to do...

One my my friends from florida just lost her father to cancer. The funeral is about a 4.5 hour drive from my house this friday. I am gonna have to talk to hubby, because I think I need to be there... Why would she need me when she will be surrounded by family? I will need to back up to the year 2006.

Kim calls me one day and says "I found my dad" What? I ask, details details! She had never known or met her dad, all she knew was his name and now that she was older, married, with children she had recently had a new desire to find him and she did. He had a vacation home about 3 hours from where we lived and they had planned to meet the following weekend...

One would think after waiting 26 years that one week wouldn't matter but it was eating her up inside knowing that he was so close. So Kim and I and all our girls decided to casually go sightseeing in the town of his vacation home THAT weekend...

So off we go, sight seeing, goofing off and having a great time... we then decide to find his house which happens to be ON the beach. wow. So we act like total stalkers walk up the beach and she calls... and tells him that we are right outside.

I was there when she met her father for the first time, and I think I should be there when she has to say goodbye.


  1. Four and a half hours is a long drive but friendships are more important. If you can at all make it, then you will feel good.

  2. I'm with Shana. If it's feasible, you should go.