Wednesday, January 28, 2009

America the Beautiful

As you could see from my 7th grade school picture, coolness has oozed from my pours for a long time. As I have said before, "You can't buy cool". So when I became a freshman in HS, me and BFF were at such a level of coolness that we truly were unattainable. We had THE most clever jokes, too smart for even the "cool" kids to get... (I am laying on the sarcasm pretty think here, just to clarify)

From our hilarious inside jokes I have developed a particular fondness of the song America the Beautiful. So when my little P brought home her written translation of said song, I was delighted.

Frute and plane... She is so awesome, I love love love it.

BFF and I liked to illustrate the literal translation of the song... Here is my drawing. although I will mention she was WAY better at drawing this...

Wow we really were a special kind of dorks... Especially cuz when I look at that (20 yrs later) I still get the giggles.

OK, even though NOBODY cared about my Cajun meatloaf...(ie: no comments) and am going to attempt to not kill this entry with a mention of food... I just wanted to share the 2 things that keep my kitchen functioning...
First the shaker is Montreal Steak, we use it for steak (duh) and pork chops... it is SO yummy.
Second is Zesty Herb, it is supposed to me a marinade, but I just mix it and then slowly simmer chicken breast or tenderloins in it. It is one of my family's FAVORITE seasonings and meals.
That is all. New and improved laundry room will have to wait for another day... I know you all are just dying with anticipation. Maybe if I get bombarded with comments I will break down and show you pictures of my laundry room later this afternoon...


  1. I actually am dying to see what an organized laundry room looks like... so please----------post----------some----------photosssssss! AmD

  2. grill mates are my husband's best friend. before he discovered them, he thought garlic was the only seasoning allowed.