Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy 14 yr anniversary

I married my best friend today, 14 years ago only at the time I had no idea how much more I could come to love him. It's the same as having a BFF is school and as you grow and mature, that friendship, which was as strong as possible then, doesn't even compare to now.

Did that make any sense?

Wanna see some pictures?
I don't have a scanner, so I took a picture of a picture... All I have to say is... Who would let those CHILDREN get married?
Hubby - Anywhere next to you, is exactly where I belong. Love you. ~a truely Lucky Wife

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Am I OCD or just a snot?

Before I elaborate on my title, let me just say Preteen A got a nice big tetanus shot yesterday and additional lectures from the doctor. Grandma (MIL) thinks it "wasn't her idea" and we are being too hard on her... I should mention the bridge analogy to Grandma. Grandma also doesn't know all the stunts she has pulled in the past month or so. Grandma also doesn't know that she looked up on the internet how to do it. Grandma needs to butt out. I still don't think we are being hard enough. Kinda want to make an example out of this...

So back to my title... in my cupboard I have from left to right:
Glasses - Plastic tumblers - Mugs - Kid cups

Everyday, this set up never changes, they go in their rightful spot, they come out of their rightful spot. My kids understand this concept. So why I ask, when MIL decides to unload the dishwasher, are they all crammed in every which way, in no order, stacked all over each other?

So last night when I went to get a glass from the cupboard, and they were all askew, I didn't even care who was watching, I fixed them. Put them all away in their rightful place.
So my question... Am I OCD, or just irritated with my MIL?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

An apology to Mom on Spin

Dear Mom on Spin,
I have a confession. I have ever so loved reading your blog about the crazy antics your daughters get themselves into... I have daughters also, ages 9 and 11. My confession is that as I was reading your blog, I was one of THOSE parents. You know the ones, the ones we all were BEFORE we had children. The "I'd NEVER let that happen in my house, MY child would never act that way" parent. Basically I had my stuck up nose in the air, my head in the clouds, and I am deeply sorry. Please accept my apology.
I intend now to go back and read your blog not so much as entertainment, but as a training manual. A guide as to what my girls are going to get into, how to catch them, and interrogating techniques. I realize that your humor and blogging is probably the only thing that keeps you from crying. As it is for me right now.
I am sure you are asking how I have been so enlightened. Well I will tell you. Last night pre-teen A had a friend spend the night... They were all holed up in her room, taking Tiger beat quizzes, pretend kissing Joe Jonas, painting nails... Or so I thought. For some reason, one I CAN NOT explain, I decided to walk on in and hang out with them for a few minutes. The door was barricaded, and once that was removed they hopped on the bed and both sat there with hands glued to their mouths. Once I finally made her move her hand away from her face, I found a lip piercing. (I'll wait a moment for you all to pick yourselves off the ground and back into your chair.
Before I go any further, let me stress that One: She is eleven and Two: Her parents (me and Hubby) are NOT that cool.
So she pulls her hand away from her face, and proclaims, it's not that bad... Her friends professes, I did it too! They both start back pedaling BIG time, who's idea it was, blah blah blah... I looked at Preteen and said "You're Grounded" I looked at her friend and said "Your going home" I was SO mad I was shaking. I told them I didn't care WHO's idea it was, they BOTH knew better. Oh did I mention they used a thumbtack to pierce it? Then put earrings in?
Momma is pissed. I am in full psychotic mom mode. I am making a poster today of the rules of the house hold. She is NOT gonna know what hit her.

Lucky Wife

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Nobody panic

I have got this completely under comtrol...
My in-laws came a day early, but this is fine.. Remind me, this is fine,right?
I only need to:
Go grocery shopping (think mother hubbard)
Buy b-day presents for Little P's birthday party (tomorrow)
Bake a 3 layer cake (as per littleP's request)
decorate a 3 layer cake to look "hawaiian" (any suggestions?)
Do, approx 317, loads of laundry
All by COB today, because...
Tomorrow morning I am getting Baptized! Yeah Me! and then the parrr-tyyyy is at 2pm.
Ok, not more blogging for me... Must drink coffee, and shower, then print off this blog as a to do list.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Overheard converstaion

This morning I was at McDonalds feeding my iced coffee with hazelnut addition when I over heard two workers say:
Worker1: When's your birthday?
Worker2: July 10th
Worker1: Wow, next month, it's soon.
Worker2: No the month after next
Worker1: (eyes glazed in confusion)
Worker2: It goes May, June THEN July.
Worker1: Ohhhh...

And I wonder why I "accidently" get charged for 100 chicken nuggets instead of 20.

NO Don't cancel the epidural!!!!!

I have lost it... my mind. I can't THINK. at least I haven't been able to think for 2 days. Yesterday I reached in the cupboard and grabbed a packet of taco seasoning. 5 min later, it was GONE, I mean NOWHERE to be found... later on in the evening, I found it in the fridge. I also lost the comb I had just retrieved to trim Alex's hair, and my ice water, also I went to the post office without the address that I needed to mail the item I went to mail... IF you boobs were sore, it would confirm pregnancy... but luckily no.

On the pregnancy note, my baby turns 9 today... She should have turned 9 like 2 weeks ago since she was due on May 7th... but noooo she does things in her own time... she waited until the 20th, and then came out like lightening.

May 19th 9pm. The doctors sent hubby home to sleep, and gave me a sleeping pill. It was two weeks past my due date and they were going to induce in the morning.

May 19th 10pm. My water broke, no one believed me called hubby to come back to the hospital. I'm sleepy and 1cm.

May 19th 11pm. 2cm

May 20th 12:01am. Almost 4 cm. Nurse leaves to call for an Epidural

May 20th 12:15am. I am screaming "I have to push, I have to push I can't help it I have too" the nurse runs in the room "What did you say?" I tell her I have to push... She says to wait until she checks me, It's too soon, I am only 4cm. She bends down to check and says "whoa, I can see the head" I ask, does that mean I am 10cm? Honey you are beyond 10cm you are having this baby now!

May 20th 12:25am. Everyone is in place, my epidural has been canceled I can finally push.

May 20th 12:42am. Kendra Paige 8lbs 10 1/2 oz 22 1/2 inches long enters the world blue.

The events from this second until she is placed in my arms I have NO memory of, Hubby told me 2 years later. She was blue and they took her to do CPR, I only remember shaking and thinking it was taking an eternity for her to cry.
The next thing i remember is hearing her cry, being placed in my arms and the shaking stopped instantly.

Happy Birthday Little P

Friday, May 15, 2009

wax rip wax rip

So Not June Cleaver reminded my of a story and I decided to share... for all women.
Several years ago, I heard about this crazy new thing called a Brazilian wax. In case you have been living in an underground bomb shelter for the past 10years, a Brazilian wax is when they wax your entire va jay jay. I know some of you are probably screaming "The horror, the horror" but this was actually appealing to me. I wanted a hair less, stubble free, movie ready va jay jay!

Attempt Number one: The mother of one of Preteen A's friends does this for a living (only preteen A was in Kindergarten at the time) or so I think. My brain says "Wouldn't you rather show your stuff to someone you know and trust vs a stranger? So I call her and make an appt. As I am laying on the waxing table, revealing all my privates, she reveals that she has never done this, but wanted to try it. Great my pitsy is now her guinea pig. So she starts, waxing, we get the nervous giggles, I realize all of a sudden that we are parent chaperone's at the school and she has not only seen but HANDLED my who haa! My lunch hour is up, we clean up the wax, I am partially waxed, bruised and there is NOTHING sexy about the results.

Attempt Number two: Cruising down an aisle in wally world when I see this bright back light to a green box. Brazilian wax, gentle home kit. Sweet! If you want something done right you gotta do it your self. So the instruction say to apply oil to the area you want to wax to keep the wax from adhering to the skin and only the hair. I apply the oil to a small tester spot, I apply the wax and RRRRRRRRRIPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP. WOW, it worked and the pain minimal! This is awesome, yes, I am applying more wax this time, finally I found something that works... Yes. NO! No nonononononononoooooooooo... I forgot to apply the oil! What have I done? ok ok no need to panic, lets just gently peel the wax off... ouch ouch ouch... it's pulling my skin. ok, lets warm it up with the blow dryer and I can get the wax off... not working now it is just spreading out and sticking to more skin, my va jay jay feels sealed shut from the wax... Ok, lets turn COLD water on int he shower, it will quit spreading and maybe I can break off the wax... holy %@#^ No this is NOT working... I had to shave/pull out all the hair that had been affected to get the wax off... I looked like I tried to "landscape the bush" with a weed wacker.

Attempt Number three: Time to hire a professional. I drive 30 miles to a spa that does this on a regular basis. THEY will know what they are doing and get this job done right. So I go into the little room, expose my who ha and we get started, she hands me cotton and says hold this here, hold that there, don't let go, she is waxing and ripping and waxing and ripping , wax rip wax rip. Finally after I think she has waxed and ripped everything at least 15 times, I tell her... Are you almost done, I can't take anymore... She says yes. She also says that it being the first time, there would be SOME hair left over, that It takes time and more appts to get the final result. She leaves so that I can mourn the violation I had endured and dress oh, and a mirror to see the results... The result? There was still 45% of my hair left! I DID NOT have a movie ready, stubble free va jay jay... and I WASN'T coming back to blow another 70 bucks to have HALF of my hair waxed...

Attempt Number four: Hahaha Are you kidding? No way, I am just gonna stick to my razor from here on out.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hey BFF!!!!

I am going to assume that when you suggested that I read "The Ishbane Conspiracy" that you did not know there was a book preceding it. I can't imagine that you of all people would miss lead me so. Do you recall how Foulgrin was searching for Squaltaint? I know its been awhile since you read it... but in book one, titled Lord Foulgrins Letters, Squaltaint is assigned to Jordan Fletcher - the father. He was saved and so squaltaint failed miserably and is on the run hiding from Foulgrin.

I haven't read the book, but Ya-ya, (yes that really is her nickname) whom I let borrow Ishbane came in to Small Group yesterday and dropped that on my lap... She said everything in the second book makes SO much more sense now...

So lets see if we can find it at the library and maybe we could read it together. Our own little book club!

Kisses - Lucky

PS - Your facebook status is ridiculously vague... please explain. :-)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Little P experiences loss

"Mommy, I just poked Smoky and then blew on him and he didn't move" says Little P last night. I yelled for hubby, since I kill spiders, clean up dog pee/poo/barf, he handles death. He comes in to the living room to check on Smoky (the long haired grey hamster)and after a quick evaluation we call time of death. Little P is HEART BROKEN. Completely crushed as we sat on the couch and she cried for an hour in my arms. He was laid to rest in the family "tree garden" in a small box with a natural stone acting as his marker. Smoky was only 6 months old, but last week we noticed that his belly was really swollen... Something was wrong and he passed prematurely.

Good bye Smoky, we will miss you.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Birthday Shoes

What many of you may not know is that I am a practical gifter, and request practical gifts. Things I asked for this year? a new Texas skillet (the big deep 12in skillet) socks, because I constantly put holes in mine and plants to landscape our barren flower bed.

This year was different, I also fell in love with a pair of shoes, a pair that have zero practical value. A pair of shoes that instantly make me feel prettier just by slipping my feet into them.

Patton leather heels! Yummy!

Monday, May 11, 2009

The sandman skipped my house last night

I am SO tired, I did not sleep until 2:30 am when I started praying "Dear Jesus, Please, I wake up at 5, I am SO tired, please stop my twirling brain and let me fall asleep already.amen" That was what finally did it. Wish I had thought of that sooner, but that seems to be my M.O. You know try to handle things on my own until that are so completely askew that all of a sudden it clicks. "Duh" Ok ok , I know I can't handle this with out YOU, so here are all my puzzle pieces... I'll just let you fit them together and I'll quit trying to force them where I think they go.

I gave Cassie her apron on Friday, I was waiting for her to post pictures, but she hasn't yet and since I'm really tired (have I mentioned that?) I am going to use my picture of the apron to fill up space... (clever, I know)

It actually wraps almost clear around you and whenever I tried it on, I wanted to put on black pumps, pearls and vacuum... I can't explain it. I am SO totally gonna make myself one now. Well at least after I finish all my other half done projects... sigh...
Oh, times up, gotta head for the shower and drink lots more coffee...
Maybe tomorrow I show you what I got for my birthday and mother's day...

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Haaaaaaap -pyyyyyyyyy

Birthday to me
cha cha cha
Happy Birthday to me
cha cha cha
Happy Birthday dear Luckyyyyy!!!
Happy Birthday to me!
cha cha cha

Thursday, May 7, 2009

My little prairie girl

This is the pinafore that I spent all evening putting together... Yes it is pretty simple, yes I am a beginner...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Dearest Little P,

My Dearest Little P,
As you have been so kind to point out lately, I am not perfect.  I do try to always be fair, firm, honest, kind and patient, but it doesn't work 100% of the time and I do apoligize for that. What we really need to talk about though is the ageless rule of... If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all. If someone asks your opinion, I expect you to tell the truth without being hurtful, but if no one asked and it isn't a kind word... keep it to yourself.
For example when you asked what the commercial for proactive was for and I said pimples, it was not necessary for you to suggest I purchase that product.
When we were watching "What not to wear" and the woman was a cronic sweatshirt violator to any and every occasion, I was wearing a sweatshirt while in my home cleaning the house... there was no need for the once over and suggestion that I watch.
While Hubby and I spent 4 days digging, and lifting and sweating and maybe even an occasional cursing while we installed the patio pavers... I HAD NO IDEA that you knew how to do it. I mean with all the mistakes you pointed out, is that what you are doing in your room at night? Reading home improvement books? I DIDN"T THINK SO!
A few days ago while you were using my crafting rubber stamps and came across one that was applied improperly, it was fun to hear your accusing voice that I "did it wrong" and I am sooo sorry I couldn't stop the words fast enough when I reminded you that it was you who applied it over a year ago without asking.
Then yesterday... yesterday I sacrificed my ENTIRE evening to sew a pinafore for you to wear to character night at church tonight, I ironed, 4 1/2 yards of fabric, then cut out the pattern, applied the pattern to th fabric, cut it out and then painstakingly figured out how to actually craft this article of clothing. So this morning when you put it on backwards, I then told you to turn it around you said "I'm am trying to be really careful because you aren't very good at sewing and not a professional so I don't want to rip it"
That pretty much was the last straw for me. So there, you caught me, you unraveled the great mystery... is mom perfect? NO, NO I am not even close. I am not a professional ANYTHING for that matter, I am still learning how to sew, how to be a christian, how to be a friends, how to cook, how to manage work and life, how to encourage you and be an example for you...
I guess the only thing I may be perfect at... is loving you. Because even after your repeated notions to tear me down... I love ya just the same. You may make me crazy from time to time... but the love never changes.
Love you with all my heart,

Insert movie times and more without leaving Hotmail®. See how.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Cassie - Your Apron is complete

A few weeks ago I had a contest, in an attempt to increease my follower volume. I entered all the participants names into a hat and had little P draw a name... The winner was Cassie from EUG.
I asked her what fabric she was interested in and she said "surprise me" Her request was either Hot pink/black or Red /Black, retro feel with rick rack...
Now I can't post pictures of it just yet, as she hasn't seen it, but let me say, I am IN LOVE with this apron and was tempted to move my family in the middle of the night and change my name to avoid having to part with it.
I didn't make my standard BBQ chef square cut apron pattern, I found one with a more retro appeal, I used one of her color choices, and added rick rack... Not until I pass it along can I post pictures.
So... Now it's up to you all to go and bombard Cassie with begging comments for her to call me so we can get together and then we can post pictures of the prize...

Go on now....

I don't have anymore to say to you today...

Quit reading this!

I said "go leave Cassie comments"

Go on.

Friday, May 1, 2009

I have an announcement...

Everyone please take a moment and
Wish my Hubby a
Happy 37th Birthday
Happy Birthday Darling... I really hope you have a great day... and since you don't read this and you are safely at work, I bought you a Japanese Maple tree, a pedometer to track you progress in your quest to train for a marathon, a Cowboy t-shirt with a guy being bucked off a bull and it states a bible verse that eludes me now but says (roughly) If you are in trouble Pray, and a white straw cowboy hat, I know you've always wanted one, hope you still do. Oh and I got you tickets to go see X-men tonight. Oh yeah, and when I get home I will be baking you a cheesecake... your favorite...
Love you!