Tuesday, May 26, 2009

An apology to Mom on Spin

Dear Mom on Spin,
I have a confession. I have ever so loved reading your blog about the crazy antics your daughters get themselves into... I have daughters also, ages 9 and 11. My confession is that as I was reading your blog, I was one of THOSE parents. You know the ones, the ones we all were BEFORE we had children. The "I'd NEVER let that happen in my house, MY child would never act that way" parent. Basically I had my stuck up nose in the air, my head in the clouds, and I am deeply sorry. Please accept my apology.
I intend now to go back and read your blog not so much as entertainment, but as a training manual. A guide as to what my girls are going to get into, how to catch them, and interrogating techniques. I realize that your humor and blogging is probably the only thing that keeps you from crying. As it is for me right now.
I am sure you are asking how I have been so enlightened. Well I will tell you. Last night pre-teen A had a friend spend the night... They were all holed up in her room, taking Tiger beat quizzes, pretend kissing Joe Jonas, painting nails... Or so I thought. For some reason, one I CAN NOT explain, I decided to walk on in and hang out with them for a few minutes. The door was barricaded, and once that was removed they hopped on the bed and both sat there with hands glued to their mouths. Once I finally made her move her hand away from her face, I found a lip piercing. (I'll wait a moment for you all to pick yourselves off the ground and back into your chair.
Before I go any further, let me stress that One: She is eleven and Two: Her parents (me and Hubby) are NOT that cool.
So she pulls her hand away from her face, and proclaims, it's not that bad... Her friends professes, I did it too! They both start back pedaling BIG time, who's idea it was, blah blah blah... I looked at Preteen and said "You're Grounded" I looked at her friend and said "Your going home" I was SO mad I was shaking. I told them I didn't care WHO's idea it was, they BOTH knew better. Oh did I mention they used a thumbtack to pierce it? Then put earrings in?
Momma is pissed. I am in full psychotic mom mode. I am making a poster today of the rules of the house hold. She is NOT gonna know what hit her.

Lucky Wife


  1. What the hell was she thinking? Oh wait, obviously she wasn't! This is definitely a phone call conversation..

  2. OMG! They pierced each other LIPS!? Both girls!? I'm flabbergasted. YIKES! Not sure what to think about this. I do remember double piercing my ear (without my mom not knowing) when I was 13. Is lip piercing this generations ear piercing with an ice cube, needle and potato? Oh goodness, I sure hope not. Good luck with this.

  3. At least it isn't a tattoo :0)

  4. WOW! I'm not sure how I would've responded. I think I would've just walked out of the room. I would've needed time to really COOL OFF. Oh, girl! HUGS!

  5. Apology fully accepted! It happens to the best of us!

    And the lip piercing thing? That has even ME shaking my head. . .

  6. Oh my......not judging, just amazed at what kids will do, and so glad my girls have not tried that one.....yet.