Monday, May 4, 2009

Cassie - Your Apron is complete

A few weeks ago I had a contest, in an attempt to increease my follower volume. I entered all the participants names into a hat and had little P draw a name... The winner was Cassie from EUG.
I asked her what fabric she was interested in and she said "surprise me" Her request was either Hot pink/black or Red /Black, retro feel with rick rack...
Now I can't post pictures of it just yet, as she hasn't seen it, but let me say, I am IN LOVE with this apron and was tempted to move my family in the middle of the night and change my name to avoid having to part with it.
I didn't make my standard BBQ chef square cut apron pattern, I found one with a more retro appeal, I used one of her color choices, and added rick rack... Not until I pass it along can I post pictures.
So... Now it's up to you all to go and bombard Cassie with begging comments for her to call me so we can get together and then we can post pictures of the prize...

Go on now....

I don't have anymore to say to you today...

Quit reading this!

I said "go leave Cassie comments"

Go on.

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