Wednesday, May 20, 2009

NO Don't cancel the epidural!!!!!

I have lost it... my mind. I can't THINK. at least I haven't been able to think for 2 days. Yesterday I reached in the cupboard and grabbed a packet of taco seasoning. 5 min later, it was GONE, I mean NOWHERE to be found... later on in the evening, I found it in the fridge. I also lost the comb I had just retrieved to trim Alex's hair, and my ice water, also I went to the post office without the address that I needed to mail the item I went to mail... IF you boobs were sore, it would confirm pregnancy... but luckily no.

On the pregnancy note, my baby turns 9 today... She should have turned 9 like 2 weeks ago since she was due on May 7th... but noooo she does things in her own time... she waited until the 20th, and then came out like lightening.

May 19th 9pm. The doctors sent hubby home to sleep, and gave me a sleeping pill. It was two weeks past my due date and they were going to induce in the morning.

May 19th 10pm. My water broke, no one believed me called hubby to come back to the hospital. I'm sleepy and 1cm.

May 19th 11pm. 2cm

May 20th 12:01am. Almost 4 cm. Nurse leaves to call for an Epidural

May 20th 12:15am. I am screaming "I have to push, I have to push I can't help it I have too" the nurse runs in the room "What did you say?" I tell her I have to push... She says to wait until she checks me, It's too soon, I am only 4cm. She bends down to check and says "whoa, I can see the head" I ask, does that mean I am 10cm? Honey you are beyond 10cm you are having this baby now!

May 20th 12:25am. Everyone is in place, my epidural has been canceled I can finally push.

May 20th 12:42am. Kendra Paige 8lbs 10 1/2 oz 22 1/2 inches long enters the world blue.

The events from this second until she is placed in my arms I have NO memory of, Hubby told me 2 years later. She was blue and they took her to do CPR, I only remember shaking and thinking it was taking an eternity for her to cry.
The next thing i remember is hearing her cry, being placed in my arms and the shaking stopped instantly.

Happy Birthday Little P


  1. Awwww-that was sweet!

  2. Happy Birthday Paige!!! And, as you know, today is Davids also, he is 40!

  3. Happy Birthday to Kendra Paige! What an amazing birth story. I suppose a quick delivery is better than a s-l-o-w one!

  4. Happy Birthday Kendra Paige!!!