Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Am I OCD or just a snot?

Before I elaborate on my title, let me just say Preteen A got a nice big tetanus shot yesterday and additional lectures from the doctor. Grandma (MIL) thinks it "wasn't her idea" and we are being too hard on her... I should mention the bridge analogy to Grandma. Grandma also doesn't know all the stunts she has pulled in the past month or so. Grandma also doesn't know that she looked up on the internet how to do it. Grandma needs to butt out. I still don't think we are being hard enough. Kinda want to make an example out of this...

So back to my title... in my cupboard I have from left to right:
Glasses - Plastic tumblers - Mugs - Kid cups

Everyday, this set up never changes, they go in their rightful spot, they come out of their rightful spot. My kids understand this concept. So why I ask, when MIL decides to unload the dishwasher, are they all crammed in every which way, in no order, stacked all over each other?

So last night when I went to get a glass from the cupboard, and they were all askew, I didn't even care who was watching, I fixed them. Put them all away in their rightful place.
So my question... Am I OCD, or just irritated with my MIL?


  1. Maybe a little bit of both...? ;o) HUGS

  2. I am with you on this..EVERYTHING has a place and should be in it, and I will decide where it is...LOL

  3. You are not OCD - you are organized AND irritated (rightfully so) with your MIL. And I completey agree with Michele. My motto is "A place for everything and everything in it's place". I'm seriously contemplating having it engraved on my headstone, but I think it might be construed in the wrong way! LOL!

  4. Maybe a little of both, but I agree with you 100% and glad you fixed it

  5. Nope, you are just organized!! I do the same thing.... everything in it's place: Makes for an easier life!!