Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Little P experiences loss

"Mommy, I just poked Smoky and then blew on him and he didn't move" says Little P last night. I yelled for hubby, since I kill spiders, clean up dog pee/poo/barf, he handles death. He comes in to the living room to check on Smoky (the long haired grey hamster)and after a quick evaluation we call time of death. Little P is HEART BROKEN. Completely crushed as we sat on the couch and she cried for an hour in my arms. He was laid to rest in the family "tree garden" in a small box with a natural stone acting as his marker. Smoky was only 6 months old, but last week we noticed that his belly was really swollen... Something was wrong and he passed prematurely.

Good bye Smoky, we will miss you.


  1. Oh how sad! Poor Little P! It is so hard to lose a pet.

  2. It's always sad to lose a pet. We had a very solemn family tradition in burying pets, where everyone covered their head with a towel (like a shawl, so we could see out, the towels draped down our backs). Then we'd head to the backyard humming a march like tune and bury our dear pet friend.

  3. Tell Little P we are so sorry for her loss. Our guys are sending warms furry love her way.