Thursday, July 9, 2009

Blogger post 100

Since I have had some complaints from my trusty faithful readers about my lack of posting and the fact that I have lots of one line ideas...

This will be a 100 things on my mind right now.

1 - I hope this doesn't end up sucking

2 - Where is the line between normal teen angst and an actual problem?

3 - Why does this have to rear it's ugly head at the MIL's house?

4 - I am having jealousy issues.

5 - I wish I spent more time reading the bible.

6 - There is a weird sounding bird outside but I am half afraid to go see what it is.

7 - Because I saw a coyote a couple days ago.

8 - Ok, I can't stand it, I'm going to go look.

9 - Gone

10 - yummm coffeeeeeee

11 - You know I was actually starting to feel bad for preteen A. Like maybe I over reacted... Pish, not any more.

12 - Did I do something wrong? Probably, whatever.

13 - Why does no one seem to care that my brother has no faith and my sister jumps from any anti-christian faith every couple years, but when I decided to get baptized... they were offended?

14 - Can you divorce your family at 34 yrs old? Hire a new one?

15 - Wow only number 15? hmmm this may be "20 things on my mind"

16 - I am jealous that my friend is pregnant

17 - Do I want a baby? Hahahah that's the million dollar question.

18 - If I could answer that for my self, I wouldn't be so jealous, I think.

19 - I figure I have 10 months to decide... I think at 35 yrs... no more babies.

20 - Why is some people can crap in a bag and have everyone declare potpourri?

21 - I have a love/hate relationship with facebook. I love it and hate the fact that it is such a time sucker.

22 - ok back to preteen again, she told Grandma that she likes evil. MIL want to take her to counseling.

23 - Hubby agrees, I agree but would rather the counseling be here...I mean 2-3 sessions, it's not gonna do anything.

24 - How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?

25 - I can't decide if this is entertaining or stupid????

26 - I KNOW I had a 100 thoughts running through my head last night... what were they?

27 - Sister in law invited Scott and I to go on vacation with them... LOL

28 - Why is that so funny? Oh because hubby is being laid off for 3 months... yeah.

29 - She said it won't be that much, we have a time share... Whatever...

30 - Speaking of too much, why do those curved shower curtain rods cost 40 dollars! It doesn't matter where I go... they all cost 40 bucks.

31 - My garden is doing AWESOME... I have a million tomatoes and cucumbers... the banana peppers are coming out... SO cool.

32 - I wish I could afford to get a facial... my face looks so old for some reason.

33 - How much gray hair is "normal" for someone my age?

34 - Is it weird that I don't want to color my hair? I guess that means I don't have a lot yet.

35 - I need to clean Mike and Speedo's cage (gerbil and hamster) whew do they stink.

36 - Hubby's BFF gave him a drum set... does that mean he doesn't like me? lol j/k

37 - Hubby want to be a one man band... not really but he want to play piano guitar and drums.

38 - I put away roughly 800 files over the past 2 days and my hands are riddled with paper cuts and they hurt.

39 - I refuse to shop at Lowes... only Home Depot for me.

40 - I need to change the sheet on my bed.

41 - I made the baby deadline of 35, that means I could also change that deadline.

42 - Please, life isn't gonna stabilize before then, who am i kidding... No more babies I guess.

43 - Maybe that realization is what is making me tear up at the very moment.

44 - Or more so that I'm losing her

45 - Ummmm coffeeeeeeeeeeee

46 - I wish we were busy enough at work for me to be full time. Oh and maybe a raise? that would be nice! It's hard to ask for a raise when you know financially they can't afford it, whether you deserve it or not.

47 - Recently, my hubby has BO when he comes home from work... I know, I am SO spoiled... he usually never smells.... even when he is sweaty.

48 - He also hasn't been doing much around the house, which is starting to get on my nerves a little.

49 - I don't expect him to take on any chores, but he could just clean up after himself, right?

50 - Woo hoo half way.... anyone still reading? anyone? hello?

51 - I know none of this is life altering... I could stew on the baby idea and preteen and frustration all day.

52 - Frustration? oh in people that are disgruntled with their employment, when I am SO grateful to have any at all.

53 - I'm jealous over other people financial stability. There I said it. I'm not proud.

54 - It not having what you want, it wanting what you got....

55 - I think I need to say some prayers...

56 - And why haven't I prayed for Preteen? Geesh, I can be such a schmuck sometimes.

57 - My spiritual love tank is empty... I need to do something for someone else and get over my pity party.

58 - I miss my kids... 4 weeks they've been gone.

59 - I can feel the sadness rolling in...

60 - I wish I were stronger, physically.

61 - It's a good thing I don't have credit cards... Retail therapy sounds SO appealing... but my pockets are empty... Dollar tree retail therapy just doesn't cut it.

62 - I wore my birthday shoes today... even put on a little blush in hopes that I could trick myself in to feeling better.

63 - It's not working, in fact I and in a constant state of keeping the tears from rolling.

64 - I am unmotivated right now

65 - Actually all I really want to do is go home and clean the house from top to bottom... it's my therapy

66 - I really love the smell of Murphy's Oil soap.

67 - I have writer's block - again...

68 - I am fearful that without my kids being here... I am extremely dull.

69 - haha 69 :-)

70 - I could use a great fart joke right now...

71 - Dang it, stupid pen leaked... I hate this stupid pen. GRRRRRrrrrrr

72 - Seriously new renter lady... if you call me again I personally will put you out on the curb.

73 - Ahhhh some background music...

74 - Counseling... Geesh... she's only 11.

75 - I really should be working

76 - Dang I REALLY would love a smoke right now

77 - It's been 11 months since my last cigarette, yea me!

78 - Did you know I have never ever eaten a twinkie... I wonder if they are any good?

79 - I have never broken a bone (knock on wood)

80 - I think it's funny that I am 5'9" and my momma is 5'3" I rest my chin on the top of her head.

81 - I've read "What to expect when your expecting, what to expect the first year and what to expect the toddler years... Where is What to expect the teen years???? Huh? This is when I need a stinking book!

82 - I think my husband is totally hot. Seriously, Way sexier even than when we married!

83 - I used to think I had my teen angst episodes because my parents divorced, remarried, widowed... I guess I would have gone through it no matter what, huh?

84 - I CAN NOT WAIT to get paid tomorrow... man I have some bills chained to my ankle... or so it feels.

85 - Yawn...

86 - I bleached my mustache last night, and waxed the top of my feet... I wasn't embarrassed that i had hair on the top of them until someone made fun of me...

87 - I would love to spent the day on a beach right now

88 - I want to snuggle my little P

89 - Actually I could really use a long hug... although the poor sap that falls for that is gonna get a wet sleave.

90 - I would REALLY like to EAT all my emotions right now

91 - Oh no... You've got to be kidding... My right kidney hurts.

92 - Cuz that's what I need, a kidney stone to take a journey...

93 - I told MIL no to counseling... now I gotta tell hubby

94 - Damn my kidney hurts.. SHIT.

95 - Can I go home and crawl into bed now?

96 - Wearing my birthday shoes did NOT work at all...

97 - Uh, dang it only 3 more stupid thoughts... this was hard!

98 - Oh hey, 97 was the year my preteen was born...

99 - I think I might throw up.

100 - Scary huh? looking into my brain...