Monday, June 22, 2009

Week two: With out children

I have resumed some normalacy since the poison ivy completely overtook my body. I am still on steriods, and don't have a mustache yet. At least no more than I already had.

Friday night hubby and I went to The World's Fair Park... for you non-Tennessee'ians... Do you remember the Simpson episode when Bart and Milhouse stole Homers car... they found a flyer for the World's Fair only it was from 1982??? Well the Sun- o- Sphere is still there, there is an observation deck, a bar and a couple businesses... So as theTennessee citizens we are we did our duty and went up to the observation deck... Boring.

We then took off and went to Bass Pro spent at LEAST 2 hours there and then promptly the next day... we took the boat out fishing. It was WONDERFUL... we put the boat in the water and decided to go a different direction and under a bridge... and then we found another bridge which opened up to this large secluded lake. We were the only ones there...We fished for 5 hours, caught a dozen fish betweeen the two of us and a WICKED sunburn on our backs. Now before ya all start lecturing... We applied new suscreen spf 30 twice! It's just our backs, and it is obvious where the sunscreen was applied and where we missed...

I have some pictures of the events that I just mentioned, but... I know... BUT they are in the camera that is in my hubby's truck that is in the gated parking lot of his work.

PS: This was post 99, so I guess that means the next one better be good, huh? The big 1-0-0... I'll post pictures... promise!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

All Happiness and no Drama makes Lucky a Dull girl

I am starting to understand why some of the most talented artist, and musicians are the most mentally disturbed. Why? Well my kids are in Florida with O'ma (my mom) there are actually a few extra coins in the bank, my florida house still has a contract one it and may sell, the poison ivy is drying up, the house is clean because there are no kids to destroy it... and what does all that mean for you my readers? I have no drama requiring my sarcasm to get me through it.


I would love to throw out there my sarcastic wit on some sort of topic... tell a inspiring story. Heck I can't even seem to finish reading this book I've had for...3 weeks... The last book to take me more than 5 days to read was "What to expect when your expecting" I just can't get into it.

Oh wait, I got something for ya! The first weekend the kids left, and the day before I covered my body in poison ivy, Hubby and I went hiking in Cade's Cove, an old farming village in the Great Smoky Mountains... at the end of the 2.5 mile trail was a waterfall... It was called Abrahm's Falls.

The man that took this picture for us was later seen crashed into the side of a mountain with his big ole truck... he was struggling with the hike and we think he may have had a heart attack!
So... any suggestions? Questions you like to ask, topic you'd like me to expand on? Help me out here...

Thursday, June 11, 2009


If you've been following for a while you would know that I am a bit of a Poison Ivy connoisseur. You'd like to think that I'm immure to the stuff oh yea... Oh sorry, I broke out in song there for a moment. I have had poison ivy on several separate occasions since moving to Tennessee. I have tried about 30 different treatments some over the counter and prescription but nothing, and I mean NOTHING takes the itch away like hot hot water. I had learned that what happens when you apply the hottest water you can take to the poison ivy, your body releases all the histamine in your body in one swooping moment. Itching releases histamine, which feels good and makes you want to itch more. Benadryl is an ANTI-histamine which attempt to prevent the urge to itch... For me, it just knocks me unconscious for a while. So back to the swooping release of histamine. I have found it makes my entire body feel good. For instance, if I an running the hot water on my arm, I can feel the sensation all the way to my toes and even get light headed... and I just when I think I make actually have an "O-tastic" happy ending (wink wink) it burns. No happy ending there, but since all the histamine has been released there is none left in you body and it takes about 4-5 hours for you to create more and get that itching urge again.
I DO NOT reccomend this as an alternative to acheiving climatic results... Because there is not result... you just wind up and stop.
I have shared this sensation with my Hubby and he concurs the sensation. He also said, not to hang on because as soon as it starts to burn, the happy ending is no longer an option.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Alright Fine.

I admit it.

I'm Pissed!

My Mother bought my eleven yr old, lip peircing, lying, wanna be goth daughter black converse that go all the way to the knee.

I would never have bought those for her, I don't think I am going to allow her to wear them to school and now my mom had CREATED a fight for me. How about, "Gee Preteen A, I don't think your mom would allow her preteen to wear something like that, how about we find something a little more age appropiate" But NO....

Thanks mom for helping to drive that looming wedge between me and my daughter just a little farther.

Monday, June 8, 2009

80's hair anyone?

I have a couple things on my mind...

First, I would like to know how to spend 2 minutes on my hair and have it look as though it was professionally styled, or that I just naturally have FAB-U-LOUS hair.

Second, it there ANY way possible to have naturally curly hair AND bangs and not (let me emphasis NOT) look like and 80's hair band rock star?

:-( I hate my hair right now...

I don't need a haircut, I need a hair STYLE... I even dreamt about my old stlyist who I think lives in California now... and I begged him to help me (my hair at least)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I have a confession...

I peeked.

I wish I could say I was sorry, but I'm not.

Hubby caught me peeking and said "It was a violation of her privacy" but really, when your eleven year old pierces her lip with a thumb tack, doesn't she then forfeit her rights to privacy? I am thinking YES.

So I saw peeking out of one of her binders a piece of paper that read...

What I've learned... Age 11

I knew I had to get back to it and read the rest, so once she left the binder in the living room (I didn't even have to go in her room) and went off swimming... I snagged it and read...

I've learned that parents NEVER LEAVE YOU ALONE!
I've learned that parents don't want their kids to be Goth or Emo.
I've learned that boys get into a lot of trouble.
I've learned that lying is a lot harder than I thought.

That last lesson is a tough one for anyone to learn!

So Friday, the kids go to florida with O'ma and it will just me hubby and me for almost 2 months... One of two things will happen either

1 - I will resume blogging with a vengeance. or
2 - My kids are the source of my blogging and i will have NOTHING to write about at all...

I guess we'll just have to wait and see...