Monday, November 22, 2010

I can be such a jerk...

So, as I mentioned, although you may have missed it, since it was lumped in with a pregnancy scare, my in laws broke the bank this time for us...

Keep in mind, the river is experiencing a slight drought from this, and when I say "river" I mean my bank account, when I say "drought" I mean... You know what I mean!

So last week I e-mailed hubby direct links to 4 things that I have been pining for. Four things to choose from to give me a Merry Christmas... Any one of those 4 things....
They included:
Down Comforter
Throw pillows
Two things you need to know, 1) I am a practical gifter; 2) I gave him exact color, size, qty etc in the list.

So Friday hubby texts and asks "How much money do we have in the account?"
Me "Not much, I need to pay bills"
Hubby "I need 100 dollars"
Me "For?"
Hubby "It's a surprise"

I am now thinking, that the family either going out to dinner, or possibly to the movies...
Against my better judgement, I succumb to his whim...

A couple hours later I get the surprise... A cell phone for me.

A Cell phone that I mentioned 64 yrs ago that I thought was cool, a cell phone that I don't need, a cell phone that now guarentees that I won't get any of the four things on my list.

I was SO PISSED, and a total jerk to him, I feel bad that I was so mean about it but geesh.

I off handly mention a cell phone is cool and I get it.
I give him a list of 4 things I want with specific links and nothing.

Update - I love my phone :-)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Christmas snob

Last night we had a PTA meeting, we are considering a fundraiser in which you sell gift cards and the school gets to keep 2%-15% (depending on the store)
We decided to try it, being it comes at NO COST to us... So I suggested that we announce it and explain it to the parents at the Christmas program, December 4th...

One woman thought it was too late to get a good Christmas sale...

TOO LATE, on December 4th...

She then announced that all, yea you heard me, ALL her christmas shopping is done AND wrapped!!!!

I am pretty sure she must be from outer space... I haven't even figured out what I am getting anyone yet!

What a snob...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

We have a NO go for launch

It seems Mother Nature experienced flight delays... as her "gift" arrived today...

In laymans terms, we will NOT be expanding our family.

The end

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

For the record...

I am NOT convienced that any miracle had indeed taken place... Even though I believe in the motto, If it quacks like a duck and looks like a duck... I don't FEEL like a duck,

Wait, did that make any sense?

If it has, I am ok with that because I have learned that God definatly has a way better plan for me than I could EVER dream up... (not that I am always that accepting of his plan)

Can you even BELIEVE that Thanksgiving is next weekend?

Thanksgiving makes me sad... Why? Because I love to cook a HUGE meal and feed the mulitudes, but the multitudes only seems to include the 4 of us... I feel a little lonely on Thanksgiving. My memories of Thanksgiving usually includes adding card tables all through the house so that everyone can sit. Our Thanksgiving includes the removal of the table leaves to that we aren't too spread out.

Anyone wanna come over for Thanksgiving???? I'll do all the cooking and cleaning...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I have a secret...

And since most of you are don't actually know me in person...

Here goes...

I missed my period.

It's TWO weeks past due. My boobs are tender. I am sensitive to smells. I am peeing constantally.

BUT, no really, I mean BUT, I have FAILED 2 home pee sticks... they both said negative...

I'm gonna wait a couple weeks and try again... different brand.

A Clueless lucky

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Teen A

Did you catch that? "TEEN A" no more pre-teen A???
Now your with me, my precious little pre-teen A is now officially 13 and no longer a pre-teen...
Excuse me while I go cry for a minute...

tick, tock....

*sniffle* Ok I am back and somewhat composed... As composed as a mother of a real live teenage girl can be at least!

Anyways... the in laws came, broke a camp chair, and my bank account and then left on their merry way... I mean seriously, you KNOW that hubby won't accept your money for groceries... So you wait until he is home and in your path of conversation to offer me a few bucks for groceries? I on the other hand will say "thank you" and then go to the store... to shop.

Teen A had a roller skating party, which a few of her girl friends showed up for and her boyfriend! Brave boys to show up, in her daddy's presence and roller skate for 4 hours with his daughter... nice boy though, as nice as a hormonal boy that likes my well developed daughter can be.

Sunday the in-laws drug me out shopping, I say drug me because I was having an allergy attack, felt like poop, bought nothing and then got stuck with the tab for dinner...

Monday, I actually called off work, that's how poopy I felt... althought in between moments of feeling better and poopyness I did manage to clean/dust the living room (yikes! has that been neglected!)
Tuesday, I called off work again! YEA! I has a fever of 100.6! I only dragged my hiney off the couch long enough to go pee and heat water for tea...
Wednesday I am at work, actually working? not so much, but I am here in presence trying to recoup... If I talk for more than 20 seconds it strains my throat and I have a coughing fit, so I can't talk, and hubby thinks it's Christmas.

Well, that should catch everyone up... Talk to you soon!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Monday, November 1, 2010

Mail Defiency

Well, in true self absorbed, total schmuck form, I forgot to mail my BFF's birthday card. I also forgot to mail my dad's and step-mom's birthday cards, as well as my in-laws 40th wedding anniversary card. While I'm on the subject, I forgot to mail my mom's mother's day card, which resulted in a horribly nasty e-mail from her.

So if you recall, BFF and I had a squirmish of sorts for the first time ever... It totally sucks, and thought I would have heard from her by now. I don't know, maybe she waiting for me to get my head outta my @ss?? I was planning on extending an olive branch with a birthday card and then a text message, but.. yep! You guessed it, totally forgot. *facepalm*

It's hard to argue that it's not all about me, and that I am not self absorbed when I take an honest look at my track record and how it must appear to her.

I guess someone (me) needs to work on her listening skills.

So... any ideas? How do I tell her I am sorry, and happy birthday with out digging my "total schmuck" hole even deeper?


PS: BFF, if you still read this... Miss you, Love you, I'm Sorry and Happy Birthday.