Monday, November 22, 2010

I can be such a jerk...

So, as I mentioned, although you may have missed it, since it was lumped in with a pregnancy scare, my in laws broke the bank this time for us...

Keep in mind, the river is experiencing a slight drought from this, and when I say "river" I mean my bank account, when I say "drought" I mean... You know what I mean!

So last week I e-mailed hubby direct links to 4 things that I have been pining for. Four things to choose from to give me a Merry Christmas... Any one of those 4 things....
They included:
Down Comforter
Throw pillows
Two things you need to know, 1) I am a practical gifter; 2) I gave him exact color, size, qty etc in the list.

So Friday hubby texts and asks "How much money do we have in the account?"
Me "Not much, I need to pay bills"
Hubby "I need 100 dollars"
Me "For?"
Hubby "It's a surprise"

I am now thinking, that the family either going out to dinner, or possibly to the movies...
Against my better judgement, I succumb to his whim...

A couple hours later I get the surprise... A cell phone for me.

A Cell phone that I mentioned 64 yrs ago that I thought was cool, a cell phone that I don't need, a cell phone that now guarentees that I won't get any of the four things on my list.

I was SO PISSED, and a total jerk to him, I feel bad that I was so mean about it but geesh.

I off handly mention a cell phone is cool and I get it.
I give him a list of 4 things I want with specific links and nothing.

Update - I love my phone :-)

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  1. It's in their genetics to be totally dense - I've got one just like him!