Monday, November 1, 2010

Mail Defiency

Well, in true self absorbed, total schmuck form, I forgot to mail my BFF's birthday card. I also forgot to mail my dad's and step-mom's birthday cards, as well as my in-laws 40th wedding anniversary card. While I'm on the subject, I forgot to mail my mom's mother's day card, which resulted in a horribly nasty e-mail from her.

So if you recall, BFF and I had a squirmish of sorts for the first time ever... It totally sucks, and thought I would have heard from her by now. I don't know, maybe she waiting for me to get my head outta my @ss?? I was planning on extending an olive branch with a birthday card and then a text message, but.. yep! You guessed it, totally forgot. *facepalm*

It's hard to argue that it's not all about me, and that I am not self absorbed when I take an honest look at my track record and how it must appear to her.

I guess someone (me) needs to work on her listening skills.

So... any ideas? How do I tell her I am sorry, and happy birthday with out digging my "total schmuck" hole even deeper?


PS: BFF, if you still read this... Miss you, Love you, I'm Sorry and Happy Birthday.


  1. I;m just as bad at sending cards. send her one of those e-mail cards. they have some cute ones.

  2. No please don't, e-cards don't really count. Lucky, I know... I'm just taking a break. Been reading your blog and I always love you. We will talk soon, but right now, it's time for CHRISTMAS music! AmD