Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wardrobe Malfunction

Ever have one of those days?

Yesterday morning as I was attempting to dress for work, I came to the horrifying realization that I actually had nothing to wear... I haven't done laundry in.. uh.. forever and a half... leaving me with that one pair of crumpled panties in the back corner of your underware drawer... You know the ones, the ones that you pull out, think *gee, these are cute, wonder why they are shoved clear back in the corner of my drawer* So, like an unsuspecting victim of a horror film, you walk outside to find the noise, I mean you decide to wear the panties, instead of... what do girls call it when they go with out panties? We don't exactaly "freeball" it... Anyways, you get my drift...
Then the LAST pair of dress pant you own are hanging there, laughing because they know you are about to be forced to wear them. Why is this so bad? These are the pants that Preteen A put in the dryer, shrunk up, and now I roll up to create the illusion of cuffed capris. Not that I think I am fooling anyone... which is why they were the last pair of pants hanging there.

So as it is pouring down rain, I throw on my heals and run off to work.

About an hour after I arrive, I realize the errors of my ways... The reason the panties are clear in the back of the drawer... NO ELASTIC! Every step I take, every move it make, they are falling down around my hips, which is leaving the oddest bunched up ring around my body. Oh and lucky me, guess what else, the zipper of my pants seems to be faulty and has a new phobia of heights! Yes, I was in a constant XYZ situation ALL DAY!

But, I have a moment of light... I have to go to the store to get water, and tape for work. While I am in there, I am gonna buy a pair of panties and little sock peds to wear with my heels, as my feet are freezing!

I bought the wrong size panties, in a thong, and the socks were too big.

I COULD NOT WAIT to get home and strip! My nightgowns was on at 6:15pm

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  1. commando - is what is called when one wears no undies, which I think in your case might have been more comfortable than what you had. Hope you threw the panties (the old one & the new one)away when you got home!