Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hoarder next door

I think I may have an unhealthy addiction the the two shows on TLC and A&E, Hoarders and Hoarding: Buried Alive. That show is like a car accident... It completely grosses me out, but I can NOT stop watching. The kids run in fear when ever I watch, because they know things are about to be thrown away... So the benefit is their rooms seem to stay a little neater...

From watching this show, and putting a name to this... chaos. I noticed that there is a hoarder that lives down the road from me... We first made fun of the fact that they mowed (once a month) around the scooter in the front yard... then we noticed things appearing on the front porch. Then one day as we drove past, someone was walking out of the house and 1-they couldn't open the front door all the way and 2-We could see a nano second of a glimpse inside.

A am dying to get in that house... I know it's gotta be disturbing, but the organization nut in me is fascinated by it. If you or anyone you know want am amateur organizer/therapist to help them clean up a hoarder home... Look me up!

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  1. I've heard about those shows. I just can't even imagine living like that!