Friday, October 1, 2010

Meanest mom ever... That's ME!

So this morning, after I dropped off Little P and after I dropped off preteen A at her bus stop, 5-10 min later she sends a text saying "Stop at the school and drop of 14 bucks for field trip"
I reply "I can't" (why can't I, you ask? It's called the drop off line and then momma is 45 min late for work) and then call her...

At that moment I was in a place that I could turn and possibly intercept the bus, I asked her where the next stop was after hers, she got snotty and said "you've never been on this road" I assure her I know where she is going if she would just tell me... She says "forget it, I have my own money" I said 'GREAT!" she said "FINE!" I know, I know, I fine example of maturity...

So I turn back around and start heading to work... 5-10 minutes later I receive this text "Never mind, I don't have enough money" I said"Sorry, I am too far away now" She "whatever'd me and will be losing her phone and party privilege this weekend...

Can I Scream now?

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  1. It only gets better! (ya not so much) Hang in there