Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sorry... No title

I just wanted to give you the heads up that there will most likely be a long lapse in posts... at least 4-5 days. Hubby's cousin passed away yesterday and we have family coming in from all over the place. Please keep my sanity and his family in your prayers through this difficult time.

Too Tired

It has been a long couple of days... and I don't see an end to the running any time soon, or at least not soon enough.... Let me recap.

Tues evening
5:30 leave for airport
6:10 Pick up Marsha and Barb
6:45 arrive at home
8:00 take Marsha and barb to hospital
9:45 leave for home
10:30 head hits the pillow
10:31 Can't sleep
12am Still freaking awake

1am was sleeping until the dog barked
2am wet dog nose under my hand woke me up
3am Preteen A cell phone went off
3:15 I threw said cell phone at her to turn the alarm off
4:15 Hubby's alarm went off
5:15 My alarm went off
6:50 slept in and jolted straight out of bed to get the kids ready for school
7:20 take kids to school
8am arrive home to smoking in the bathroom
9:30 leave for hospital
1pm leave hospital for wal mart
2pm drop off groceries and barb at home
2:30 pick up kids from school
4:30 leave to drop off supplies at hospital and then to church
8pm Come home from church and put away dinner
9pm head hits the pillow
5:15 up to get coffee and shower
6:30 blog

Then I gotta take the kids to school, take barb to the hospital, I REALLY need to do some laundry... I am subbing tomorrow...

Tired yet?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Crazy stinkin realitives

So yesterday I went and picked up a cousin and Aunt from the airport. They are going to be staying with me while Howard recovers. Crazy Aunt Barb, as we affectionately call her, is a chronic smoker. So yesterday I showed her the acceptable smoking areas at my home, One was OUTSIDE on the side porch and the other was OUTSIDE on the back porch... Do you see the reoccurring theme here? You know that OUT FLIPPING SIDE part of it?

So this morning i left to take the kids to school, when I returned she said to me, "It's raining so I smoked in your bathroom"

Oh. cuz that makes it better... Would it be ok if I pee only in the shallow end of your pool?

If she smokes in here again... We will have words.

p.s. Hubby got a job! I think he starts on Monday!!! Did you hear that huge gust of wind? It was my sigh of relief.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My husband the comedian

As we were driving in the car the other day, I looked looked down and saw this:

I said to hubby:
Me - When did I get old looking hands?
Hubby - Last week, tuesday, I think
Me - Hmmm, that was a busy day, I can see how I missed it.

Cassie and me

So yesterday I got a message from Cassie from over at EUG that said " when are we going to get together"? So I gave her my numbers and she called. We decided to meet at an ice cream place after school.

So I picked up my kiddos and I told them my BIG IDEA... let's go to Wal mart and buy the plastic ugly teeth and when she shows up, we will all smile really really big... I was out voted for the ugly teeth and instead we opted for the gansta grills...

SO we get to our meeting place and yes I did park in 15 min parking mostly because I was looking for free street parking.

So I spot her and her daughter, Little P and I put in our Grils, Preteen A opts out. She walks up "Jordan?" I nod, and then smile real big, then start laughing. like a moron. at myself. again. over the teeth.

She had a bag o goodies for me... that was SO awesome... First off, was this:

IF you don't know why this is so funny go read this, and yes it was half full and the safety paper securly attached to the inside of the lid.

Then in all her awesomeness... She bought me vintage APRONS!!!!! I was geeking out excited... You gotta check this out..

I Heart aprons...Everything was so thoughful, and funny... (what kind of laundry detergent do you use? They smell sooo good!)
We went inside and ordered ice cream, the kids sat at one table Cassie and I at another, she was really nice, and while this was the very first time I had met her, I also felt as though I already knew her and she me. I mean, no sense in being shy, she read about every emotion, joy, break down and triumph. Also as though we've skipped the "getting to know you"and right on to girlfriends.
Go see what Cassie had to say, and see a pic of us and our kids... the picture my daughter took was straight up from the ground with a HUGE shot of triple chins and nostrals...
I have so much more to talk about, but I gotta go jump in the shower and if my post isn't up and ready for Michele when she gets up she'll send me more hate mail. :-(
So Maybe thsi will be a 2 fer Tuesday... We'll see

Monday, March 23, 2009

All kinds of exciting news...

First I am meeting a bloggie follower today in real life. I am going to meet the author of EUG, I entered a contest of hers and I won presents! FOR ME! I am so excited... I love presents! I am taking my children with me, so preteen A can call 911 when she tries to kidnap me and make me write a blog to her liking...
Hey, that sounds familiar...

Second, I have a new follower that my fellow dog lovers would enjoy, the blog is called Life with Dogs and even though I am completely flattered, it concerns me that I was found today through a title called "Dog Farts" I wonder what other riff raff may show up from that?

Third, the house that we owned in Florida a year ago before we moved to TN, umm yea we still own that house but WE GOT AN OFFER!!! Woo Woot, Woo Woot, it's my birthday, ok no it's not my birthday but please oh please oh please FINALLY SELL!!!

Forth, I learned that my dog is not the only dog to seek our the plushy softness of the carpet which is 3 cm from the linoleum kitchen floor in which to puke, or pee, or puke three times because little P left her bag of candy on the floor or alleviate her diarrhea from the same said candy.

Ok that's all of the exciting fun news, I also need you to add someone to your prayers. Hubby's cousin has been life flighted to a local hospital with a lung infection/pnumonia and ARDS, right now he has a 50/50 chance of survial. He is only 46. Please keep Howard in your prayers.

Dog farts and other things on my mind

Yesterday I decided to let my little dog ride with me to the market to get gas for the lawn mower. A rare and exciting treat for Pepper. I rolled down the passenger side window for her and off we went. It was a beautiful day and a perfect dog moment, her head was out the window, wind blowing in her beard, tongue flapping in the wind. When suddenly, she farted. Now although it baffles me as to how dog farts can small 734 times worse than any human fart EVER, what I really don't understand is why, when my dog farts, is she SO shocked that she acts as though a bee just stung her on the rear! The dog drops down, nose to butt in .02 seconds. Is she trying to get a whiff of the foul odor? Has her body betrayed her? I wish I could get this scene on camera...
In other news, my kids were on Spring Break last week, so my typical posting at the butt crack of dawn was, at best, inconsistent. Not that any of you even really noticed, except for one person who (is completely addicted) adores me. This is the message I get from her one early morning.

this spring break thing is starting to get on my nerves...WHY must I wait and wait to see if there will be a new blog post everyday from you?

I will be going back to bed this morning...when I get back up I'm hoping to see your garden........

So You wanna see my garden? Here ya go.

Feel better now?
In the category of other things on my mind, Hubby was talking in his sleep last night about a gang memorizing something.
Why is it at night when you are laying in bed, that you have such vision for your self and come morning, all that will and determination has evaporated?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Where can I send Selena Gomez hate mail?

If you are associated with the disney/pre-teen world then you will know that Selena Gomez is a cute little actress, with a cindi lauper/punky brewster style.

She recently was heard on Disney saying "Don't be afraid to wear something that no one else would" ok that wasn't an actual quote, but she was encouraging young girls to develop their own style.

Including young girls like my little P. P does not need any encouragement to construct mis matched color, mis matched style outfits.

P has been "inspir-ated" and has decided to forgo mom's suggestions...

(Shaking head) I don't even want to know what the teachers are going to say in the teacher lounge.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My favorite kind of balls...


What kind of ball were you thinking of?

If you've ever heard of The pioneer woman or bakerella you will know that recently they combined forces into total sugar - chocolate awesomeness and taught us all how to make........

Cake Balls. I mean, seriously, what could possibly be better than the icing mixed right into the cake? There would NEVER be an icing-less bite...

Being that I have the patience of a two year old (I WANT TO MAKE CAKE BALLS NOW NOW NOW) I ran (seriously I ran, I was too impatient to even consider opening the car door and starting it) so.. where was I? Oh yea, I ran to wally world and bought a cake mix, jar of icing and a hunka hunka chocolate love... (almond chocolate bark)

And I made these...
They are NO where near as pretty as PW or bakerella, but oh are they ever yummy!

Monday, March 16, 2009

What is 76?

1) The number of jelly bracelets on Oldest girls wrist.
2) An abbreviation of the year I was born.
3) The temperature in which I found the thermostat last night while I was tossing and turning in a fitful sleepless night.

1-No, she has 83 bracelets
2-No, I was born in 1975
3-YES, I couldn't sleep because I was so hot and my hands and feet were swelling up like sausages! I am seriously considering a pad lock fore the thermostat.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Multiple Choice Title - You choose

The options are:

1. Emotional Eating Again
2. Deja Vu
3. 3D - Devastation, depression and despair

Do you remember (if you've read my previous blog from spaces) about a year ago when hubby's work announced that they were closing his plant?

Well a couple months ago, we got the same announcement. Only they had a position in place for hubby at the plant right next door to his current one... So everything's ok, right? Wrong.

Yesterday hubby was told that in 4 weeks he no longer has a job.

I don't exactly have a bountiful position, bookkeeping one day a week for 4 hrs and subbing when ever I can, interviewing with anyone and everyone who will give me 5 minutes...

This blows

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spring has sprung! and other random thoughts

Ok ok ok
FIRST - Day two of subbing was uneventful, Praise God!

Second, there is a little boy in my Little P's class that teases her for her name... I found this note in her backpack, I think it was intended for him.
Stupid boys...

Now for the fun part... We moved into our current home in the summer, everything was already in bloom, now I get to watch as things come to life...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

and again...

Subbing again today...

I actually hope it isn't a blog worthy day...

Monday, March 9, 2009

I kid you not

The day went well, I had a group of 18 chiefs and about 3 indians.

I knew this fact ahead of time, so I was prepared. The 5th graders want to be treated like the pre-teens that they are and not babies.

So we made rules, 3 rules for me to ensure I did not treat them like babies and 3 rules for them so I could get everything completed. Everything was going really well...

Then we went to recess, at the end 2 boys got into a fist fight, yes, like something you'd see in the movies! All I saw was one on the ground and one punching, I had to PULL them apart, grab each by the upper arm and yelled to the rest of the class, "Let's GO!" they followed me as I dragged them to the office.

There hasn't been a suspension at the school in over 15 years. Now it happens on MY watch.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The single most exciting thing about being a parent

I am the substitute tomorrow for my daughters' 5th grade class.
(insert evil laugh here)

A day of mourning...

About 4 weeks ago, little tiny seeds were planted in a little tiny green house.

We watched in amazement as the little thing began to sprout.

It was time to take the clear lid off the green house and slowing "toughen" them up and take them out side.

They started out here, in the kitchen below the window.

Then we took them here, to sit on the railing.

Then they were gone...

NO NO NO !!!! Two more weeks and you were each gonna get your very own square foot of space right here!
So today we mourn the loss of 40 seedling, cause of death has been determined to be wind.
10 seedlings are currently in ICU and we are hoping for a recovery.
40 new seeds were planted. Not to replace the originals, but to remember them by.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Professional job interviewer

Professional job interviewer - yep, that is what I am. Next time someone asks. On that note I have a job interview at 9 am this morning. One in which I will have to take yet another skill test.


I just have to many balls up in the air, I just wish they would fall already so I know which one to catch.

So here is my prayer request, that God closes the door to the wrong opportunities and leaves the right ones open for me. I am so conflicted with my possible options, I need a clear well marked path.

So can I share something with you? Every week I send out a newsletter to the ladies in my small group. I include prayer requests, what we will be discussing, events and then usually a commentary or inspiring story... This week I wrote my own... Here ya go.

Path to Jesus
I read this sentence on and it reminded me of the discussion we had last week about judgment…
Always be mindful that even though we’re all on the same path as believers in Christ Jesus (John 14:6), we’re not always at the same place on that path, or journey, to spiritual growth and understanding. 1 Timothy 1:5 Always share with love and grace.
I thought that was a great lesson and reminder to ourselves when we feel righteous or superior. Christians begin crawling on the path before we walk, and even if we are all on the same path we have all joined that path at different times. Isn’t it reassuring that there are others on the same path to help us up when we stumble, or call for us out of the forest when we’ve lost our way?
When you decide to walk on the path to Jesus, you will never be alone. There will always be someone a step behind you and a step ahead encouraging you along the way.
At the risk of making this entry too long I am going to end it with pictures... The following pictures are a very cheap way to entertain yourself for HOURS. Put a dog, and a hamster in a ball together in the same room...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Til next time...

I had a great idea last night laying in bed at about 2:15 am... I was going to do a picture blog comparing the adorable vs annoying of my dog Pepper... Why 2:15 am you ask? That's when I can up with the annoying part and she burst through my bedroom door and then ran from side to side of my bed to see if anyone was available for play. I am def doing to need some preparation H under the eyes today...

So why am I telling you this and not posting the pictures? I have to go into the office this morning for a couple hours and then sub at the school again today for a 1/2 day!
ok, one picture to hold you off for a while... This is Pepper pouting that no one will throw her bear anymore, besides the fact we had all thrown out our shoulders...

Monday, March 2, 2009

Kindergardeners - Tiny people

I subbed today. My very first day in a class room, I get kindergartners of all things! Now I have been a very self righteous parent for years... and very good at I must tell you.

How does the saying go? Walk a mile in someone else's shoes? Something like that? I think every parent should have to teach a class for one day, that event alone would increase the respect for teachers and pass every tax to up teachers salaries.

We did a work sheet that had math problems 1+2 or 4+4 nothing higher than 4+5, there were some kids that knew the answers on the spot, there were some who worked diligently to figure them out, and then there were some that even when you held up the fingers for them to count, skipped a finger and then triple counted the ones that were hidden. Such a range of need and comprehension.

Sorry this is short, but I wasn't prepared for today, I am trying to get dinner going, homework done, and as BFF said "Even dooce updated her blog and she's pregnant and on vacation"

I think those little sponges sucked the creativeness out of me!