Thursday, March 19, 2009

Where can I send Selena Gomez hate mail?

If you are associated with the disney/pre-teen world then you will know that Selena Gomez is a cute little actress, with a cindi lauper/punky brewster style.

She recently was heard on Disney saying "Don't be afraid to wear something that no one else would" ok that wasn't an actual quote, but she was encouraging young girls to develop their own style.

Including young girls like my little P. P does not need any encouragement to construct mis matched color, mis matched style outfits.

P has been "inspir-ated" and has decided to forgo mom's suggestions...

(Shaking head) I don't even want to know what the teachers are going to say in the teacher lounge.


  1. Miss Megan totally rocks the mismatched not always weather appropriate style. I call it baglady chic.

  2. Marissa used to do that when she was younger. After she told me, at the age of three: "I'm not wearing THAT," I pretty much let her pick what she wanted to wear.
    She always asks my opinion now!!

  3. My daughter started doing this when she was about 10...when she insisted on wearing her hot pink boa with her light pink, spring dress to church! She's now almost 17 and still doing her own thing. I recognize that I won't be able to totally break her of it, but she will take my suggestions if I say something really doesn't "go".

  4. i love the fun, over-the-top fashion stage that little girls seem to go through. it doesn't hurt anyone and most of them outgrow it eventually. it stops when friends' opinions start mattering more. take lots of pictures -- we'd love to see them. =D

  5. Be afraid, be very afraid!!....LOL