Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cassie and me

So yesterday I got a message from Cassie from over at EUG that said " when are we going to get together"? So I gave her my numbers and she called. We decided to meet at an ice cream place after school.

So I picked up my kiddos and I told them my BIG IDEA... let's go to Wal mart and buy the plastic ugly teeth and when she shows up, we will all smile really really big... I was out voted for the ugly teeth and instead we opted for the gansta grills...

SO we get to our meeting place and yes I did park in 15 min parking mostly because I was looking for free street parking.

So I spot her and her daughter, Little P and I put in our Grils, Preteen A opts out. She walks up "Jordan?" I nod, and then smile real big, then start laughing. like a moron. at myself. again. over the teeth.

She had a bag o goodies for me... that was SO awesome... First off, was this:

IF you don't know why this is so funny go read this, and yes it was half full and the safety paper securly attached to the inside of the lid.

Then in all her awesomeness... She bought me vintage APRONS!!!!! I was geeking out excited... You gotta check this out..

I Heart aprons...Everything was so thoughful, and funny... (what kind of laundry detergent do you use? They smell sooo good!)
We went inside and ordered ice cream, the kids sat at one table Cassie and I at another, she was really nice, and while this was the very first time I had met her, I also felt as though I already knew her and she me. I mean, no sense in being shy, she read about every emotion, joy, break down and triumph. Also as though we've skipped the "getting to know you"and right on to girlfriends.
Go see what Cassie had to say, and see a pic of us and our kids... the picture my daughter took was straight up from the ground with a HUGE shot of triple chins and nostrals...
I have so much more to talk about, but I gotta go jump in the shower and if my post isn't up and ready for Michele when she gets up she'll send me more hate mail. :-(
So Maybe thsi will be a 2 fer Tuesday... We'll see


  1. Good call,,,you have been spared the hate mail...LOL..Great post today, sounds like you had a fun day yesterday. The grill thing, that is soooo like you to come up with and do..LOL

  2. You like me... you really like me(said in my best Sally Field voice) We had a great time, glad you guys did too. I use Gain detergent and fabric softner. Island Breeze scent :-D

  3. THat's so great you got to meet a blogger!!

    The pink apron with the dark (black) background with the flowers is my fav. What a thoughtful gift for you. & i just went back and read the pepper thing, and that is just nasty. Never again will I trust the safe seal!