Thursday, March 26, 2009

Too Tired

It has been a long couple of days... and I don't see an end to the running any time soon, or at least not soon enough.... Let me recap.

Tues evening
5:30 leave for airport
6:10 Pick up Marsha and Barb
6:45 arrive at home
8:00 take Marsha and barb to hospital
9:45 leave for home
10:30 head hits the pillow
10:31 Can't sleep
12am Still freaking awake

1am was sleeping until the dog barked
2am wet dog nose under my hand woke me up
3am Preteen A cell phone went off
3:15 I threw said cell phone at her to turn the alarm off
4:15 Hubby's alarm went off
5:15 My alarm went off
6:50 slept in and jolted straight out of bed to get the kids ready for school
7:20 take kids to school
8am arrive home to smoking in the bathroom
9:30 leave for hospital
1pm leave hospital for wal mart
2pm drop off groceries and barb at home
2:30 pick up kids from school
4:30 leave to drop off supplies at hospital and then to church
8pm Come home from church and put away dinner
9pm head hits the pillow
5:15 up to get coffee and shower
6:30 blog

Then I gotta take the kids to school, take barb to the hospital, I REALLY need to do some laundry... I am subbing tomorrow...

Tired yet?

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