Monday, March 23, 2009

Dog farts and other things on my mind

Yesterday I decided to let my little dog ride with me to the market to get gas for the lawn mower. A rare and exciting treat for Pepper. I rolled down the passenger side window for her and off we went. It was a beautiful day and a perfect dog moment, her head was out the window, wind blowing in her beard, tongue flapping in the wind. When suddenly, she farted. Now although it baffles me as to how dog farts can small 734 times worse than any human fart EVER, what I really don't understand is why, when my dog farts, is she SO shocked that she acts as though a bee just stung her on the rear! The dog drops down, nose to butt in .02 seconds. Is she trying to get a whiff of the foul odor? Has her body betrayed her? I wish I could get this scene on camera...
In other news, my kids were on Spring Break last week, so my typical posting at the butt crack of dawn was, at best, inconsistent. Not that any of you even really noticed, except for one person who (is completely addicted) adores me. This is the message I get from her one early morning.

this spring break thing is starting to get on my nerves...WHY must I wait and wait to see if there will be a new blog post everyday from you?

I will be going back to bed this morning...when I get back up I'm hoping to see your garden........

So You wanna see my garden? Here ya go.

Feel better now?
In the category of other things on my mind, Hubby was talking in his sleep last night about a gang memorizing something.
Why is it at night when you are laying in bed, that you have such vision for your self and come morning, all that will and determination has evaporated?


  1. It's back to the grind for us too. I have your goodies all ready for you, when are we gonna get together ????

  2. Thank you! and YES, I feel better...This is how I start my day, its just not the same without my morning laugh from you...
    I will see you tomorrow, same time same place...

    The garden looks great!

  3. Sounds like you need about thirty of those little hanging pine tree air fresheners for the car :)

  4. Oh the memories! Our first dog used to jump up and look all around if she farted when she was sitting. Maybe she was trying to fake us out but it, too was SO funny. Until we smelled it.
    Luckily, we are currently owned by a fart-free dog.... the cat is another story.