Sunday, March 8, 2009

A day of mourning...

About 4 weeks ago, little tiny seeds were planted in a little tiny green house.

We watched in amazement as the little thing began to sprout.

It was time to take the clear lid off the green house and slowing "toughen" them up and take them out side.

They started out here, in the kitchen below the window.

Then we took them here, to sit on the railing.

Then they were gone...

NO NO NO !!!! Two more weeks and you were each gonna get your very own square foot of space right here!
So today we mourn the loss of 40 seedling, cause of death has been determined to be wind.
10 seedlings are currently in ICU and we are hoping for a recovery.
40 new seeds were planted. Not to replace the originals, but to remember them by.

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