Thursday, March 5, 2009

Professional job interviewer

Professional job interviewer - yep, that is what I am. Next time someone asks. On that note I have a job interview at 9 am this morning. One in which I will have to take yet another skill test.


I just have to many balls up in the air, I just wish they would fall already so I know which one to catch.

So here is my prayer request, that God closes the door to the wrong opportunities and leaves the right ones open for me. I am so conflicted with my possible options, I need a clear well marked path.

So can I share something with you? Every week I send out a newsletter to the ladies in my small group. I include prayer requests, what we will be discussing, events and then usually a commentary or inspiring story... This week I wrote my own... Here ya go.

Path to Jesus
I read this sentence on and it reminded me of the discussion we had last week about judgment…
Always be mindful that even though we’re all on the same path as believers in Christ Jesus (John 14:6), we’re not always at the same place on that path, or journey, to spiritual growth and understanding. 1 Timothy 1:5 Always share with love and grace.
I thought that was a great lesson and reminder to ourselves when we feel righteous or superior. Christians begin crawling on the path before we walk, and even if we are all on the same path we have all joined that path at different times. Isn’t it reassuring that there are others on the same path to help us up when we stumble, or call for us out of the forest when we’ve lost our way?
When you decide to walk on the path to Jesus, you will never be alone. There will always be someone a step behind you and a step ahead encouraging you along the way.
At the risk of making this entry too long I am going to end it with pictures... The following pictures are a very cheap way to entertain yourself for HOURS. Put a dog, and a hamster in a ball together in the same room...

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  1. All I can say is, that is one lucky hamster that the ball stayed together...Pepper is SERIOUSLY eyeing that thing!!!!