Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Crazy stinkin realitives

So yesterday I went and picked up a cousin and Aunt from the airport. They are going to be staying with me while Howard recovers. Crazy Aunt Barb, as we affectionately call her, is a chronic smoker. So yesterday I showed her the acceptable smoking areas at my home, One was OUTSIDE on the side porch and the other was OUTSIDE on the back porch... Do you see the reoccurring theme here? You know that OUT FLIPPING SIDE part of it?

So this morning i left to take the kids to school, when I returned she said to me, "It's raining so I smoked in your bathroom"

Oh. cuz that makes it better... Would it be ok if I pee only in the shallow end of your pool?

If she smokes in here again... We will have words.

p.s. Hubby got a job! I think he starts on Monday!!! Did you hear that huge gust of wind? It was my sigh of relief.


  1. I know the inside smoking is ridiculous and noteworthy.... but MORE ABOUT THE JOB PLEASE. Sheesh! AmD

  2. if she smokes inside again, pee in her suitcase. it smells about the same.

    congrats on the job!!!!!!!

  3. I'm gonna call you for the info on the job, I'm really glad to hear that though...
    The smoking, I love Jill's idea!!!!

  4. I like Jill's idea on the smoking!!

    Yea on the job! Hope it's a good one!

  5. WOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!! I totally agree you should pee in her suitcase. But take it in the bathroom first HeHe. I am so glad to hear that the hubby got a job :-D