Monday, March 9, 2009

I kid you not

The day went well, I had a group of 18 chiefs and about 3 indians.

I knew this fact ahead of time, so I was prepared. The 5th graders want to be treated like the pre-teens that they are and not babies.

So we made rules, 3 rules for me to ensure I did not treat them like babies and 3 rules for them so I could get everything completed. Everything was going really well...

Then we went to recess, at the end 2 boys got into a fist fight, yes, like something you'd see in the movies! All I saw was one on the ground and one punching, I had to PULL them apart, grab each by the upper arm and yelled to the rest of the class, "Let's GO!" they followed me as I dragged them to the office.

There hasn't been a suspension at the school in over 15 years. Now it happens on MY watch.


  1. Sounds like you had a great day :-D

  2. That is awesome... so sorry I couldn't call yo uback yesterday. Call me when you have a chance. AmD