Monday, December 21, 2009

A Love /Hate relationship with my car

As most of you know, during an all time low point, my car was repossessed last October. It was completely humiliating and an answered prayer at the same time. Upon the loss of my transportation, and had to gather what was left of my pride, wad it up in a ball and chuck it out the window to accept a gift of pity and failure (or so it felt)

Now over the past year, I have grown fond of of car, considering it is paid for, starts every day, it's all one color, has a V8 engine... but, it is an old lady car (no offense) It's a 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII. It's a 2 door, and creme colored.

A few days ago, I picked up a scratch off lottery ticket, after we lost we speculated on what we would spend 10,000 on had we one... I said "Momma's getting a new car!" and hence planted the seed into hubby's brain.

I was just playing, it was total speculation. Yes, the cup holder broke, and the space filler around the gear shift cracked, the seat warmer doesn't work it has 140K miles on it... So what! IT WAS A FREE CAR!

So hubby decided he wants to take a loan out of his 401K to purchase me a new vehicle... I said NO! I will drive that car until it dies, and then we can consider our options. There is no need to replace something that works and have a loan we don't want or can't afford.

SO yesterday, we took my car to go to "The Living Christmas Tree" and when we left, just as we got on the long stinking bridge, we heard a horrible noise... It was a flat tire. We pull over, it was cold, hubby was slightly irritated, and mumbled something like, I sure am glad we are keeping this &*&^*&%#$ car...

Sigh... Pray that I can calm hubby down and he doesn't do anything irrational...


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Series of unfornatuate events...

This morning I was to drop off a handful of information packets to some VERY important people as part of my job... Simple enough, right? Not so much.

I retrieved the GPS out of hubby's truck at 5:30 am this morning so that I could travel all over the county making deliveries with out worry... Even removed all the empty cups, discarded lunch sacks, lost school papers and 5 jackets belong to either me Preteen A or Little P. I plugged in the GPS on our way to school and realized... it wasn't working. We twisted and turned, plugged and unplugged and then realized that a penny had fallen into the cigerette lighter... We tried gun on the end of a pencil, a key, and any other object we could find in the car to remove it, until I remembered seeing a paper clip. Preteen straightened the paperclip and retrieved the foul penny. We re-plugged the GPS and no go. We figure the penny shorted the fuse. So I tell Preteen to grab the owners manual and see which fuse needs replaced to the lighter... The owners manual is missing! MISSING! I mean, who, wants to read an owners manual for entertainment? Now that option is out the window.

After Little P was at school and Preteen A had gotten the bus I decided to go home and map quest all my destinations... No problem right? You'd think, except, I had given Preteen my keychain with the house key minus the car key, since I knew I would be working late and she would arrive home before me. Now I am completely defeated... I don't know what to do... Then I think... I'll trade vehicles with hubby! So I call his cell, then I text him, and I call again, because, well lets face it, I'm desperate! He finally answers "WHAT!" So I quickly as possible explain the situation and he says, fine, come get it. But babe, I say, I need you to bring out a key because the spare that I keep at all times is on the key ring that I gave Preteen this morning.

Can you believe this? All before 8am. Yeah, BEFORE 8 AM. I was then lead to two yes 1, 2 closed roads via the GPS that works in my hubby's truck/dumpster.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Girls go to college to get more knowledge

So... Hubby came home from work, we had a civilized conversation, I told him that I hadn't done his laundry and felt like a total bad @ss because of that little act of rebellion...

Then I came after him with a golf club, and he ran out of the house and jumped in the car and ran into a tree to I smashed in the REAR window to get in and pull him out... oh wait, that wasn't me... lol just kidding there tiger...

So we are all good, and I took little P to girl scouts and when I returned home...

The dog had been washed
The living room cleaned and vacuumed
Dinner put away
dishes done
laundry (mine) put away
shower scrubbed...

I would like to declare that little act of rebellion...


Monday, December 7, 2009

Boys go to Jupiter to get more Stupid-er.

My hubby is being an idiot, so I didn't do his laundry... snicker...
He should run out of clothes any day now... tee hee
I also didn't make his side of the bed
or take his coffee mug to the sink.

Since I don't do ANYTHING to please him. I'm not.

I feel so empowered.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas friendly retail???

My small group leader and I were talking on the phone last night and almost got into a fight...

She was telling me that James Dobson has in his website a list of "Christmas Friendly" stores... You can view them here. I said that i thought that was ridiculous... I don't understand why we are constantly surprised that non-Christians don't portray christian like behavior. These stores are not Christian-based stores, why would we expect them to to solely say "Merry Christmas" and not happy holidays etc...Hanukkah, or winter solace... I thought that this web site was very irresponsible, if there were facts there, as far as store policy's ect... ok, but it is all hear say and no filter... One person was upset because one store only played non religious Christmas songs, and one store didn't offer baby Jesus wrapping paper. She said "what does red/green or snowmen have to do with Christmas? My question, what does a $34 t-shirt from the GAP have to do with Christmas?

People are able to rate the stores as Christmas: Friendly. Negligent or Offensive...

One person's rated a store offensive because there web site only contained the phrase "holiday gifts" not "Christmas gifts" Really, you found that offensive? I am thinking Jesus would find it offensive that we, as Christians, save money for an entire year to splurge and spoil our family in an effort to measure our love for them in material things. What exactly does purchasing gifts of any kind have to do with the TRUE meaning of Christmas?

If anyone is going to take these "suggestions" to heart, then they should do their own research. Find out what the corporate policy is... and stick with it YEAR ROUND...

A Born again
Baptized in the Spirit
Sinner saved by Grace