Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas friendly retail???

My small group leader and I were talking on the phone last night and almost got into a fight...

She was telling me that James Dobson has in his website a list of "Christmas Friendly" stores... You can view them here. I said that i thought that was ridiculous... I don't understand why we are constantly surprised that non-Christians don't portray christian like behavior. These stores are not Christian-based stores, why would we expect them to to solely say "Merry Christmas" and not happy holidays etc...Hanukkah, or winter solace... I thought that this web site was very irresponsible, if there were facts there, as far as store policy's ect... ok, but it is all hear say and no filter... One person was upset because one store only played non religious Christmas songs, and one store didn't offer baby Jesus wrapping paper. She said "what does red/green or snowmen have to do with Christmas? My question, what does a $34 t-shirt from the GAP have to do with Christmas?

People are able to rate the stores as Christmas: Friendly. Negligent or Offensive...

One person's rated a store offensive because there web site only contained the phrase "holiday gifts" not "Christmas gifts" Really, you found that offensive? I am thinking Jesus would find it offensive that we, as Christians, save money for an entire year to splurge and spoil our family in an effort to measure our love for them in material things. What exactly does purchasing gifts of any kind have to do with the TRUE meaning of Christmas?

If anyone is going to take these "suggestions" to heart, then they should do their own research. Find out what the corporate policy is... and stick with it YEAR ROUND...

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Baptized in the Spirit
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  1. I wish Christians would spend more time making a difference in meaningful ways. How about taking time to talk to that lonely widow two houses down or cooking dinner for the couple who just lost their jobs or inviting a college student to Christmas dinner or ...or....or...

  2. You make some good points.

    There are so many different opinions about the meaning of Christmas. I mean, people in China celebrate it because it's fun to exchange gifts and put up a tree.

    I don't believe in boycotting. Why? Because someone says Happy Holidays to me? No, I'm not that sensitive.
    I derive from Christmas what I choose to. I notice all the hype and controversy, but why spoil the time with my family by getting angry.

  3. I agree with you. It's sad when our focus as Christians is more on what greeting is offered in the stores than on the greatest Gift we have ever been BLESSED to receive. This entry is well stated and raises some good questions.

    I choose to say, "Merry Christmas", but, like you said, should I be surprised when a non-Christian person says, "Happy Holidays"? I hear plenty of non-Christians refer to it as Christmas. That's what it is. I think we need to be wary...but we also need to careful that we don't slip into legality.

    Merry Christmas from a fellow born again, baptized in the Spirit sinner saved by grace. :o)