Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Series of unfornatuate events...

This morning I was to drop off a handful of information packets to some VERY important people as part of my job... Simple enough, right? Not so much.

I retrieved the GPS out of hubby's truck at 5:30 am this morning so that I could travel all over the county making deliveries with out worry... Even removed all the empty cups, discarded lunch sacks, lost school papers and 5 jackets belong to either me Preteen A or Little P. I plugged in the GPS on our way to school and realized... it wasn't working. We twisted and turned, plugged and unplugged and then realized that a penny had fallen into the cigerette lighter... We tried gun on the end of a pencil, a key, and any other object we could find in the car to remove it, until I remembered seeing a paper clip. Preteen straightened the paperclip and retrieved the foul penny. We re-plugged the GPS and no go. We figure the penny shorted the fuse. So I tell Preteen to grab the owners manual and see which fuse needs replaced to the lighter... The owners manual is missing! MISSING! I mean, who, wants to read an owners manual for entertainment? Now that option is out the window.

After Little P was at school and Preteen A had gotten the bus I decided to go home and map quest all my destinations... No problem right? You'd think, except, I had given Preteen my keychain with the house key minus the car key, since I knew I would be working late and she would arrive home before me. Now I am completely defeated... I don't know what to do... Then I think... I'll trade vehicles with hubby! So I call his cell, then I text him, and I call again, because, well lets face it, I'm desperate! He finally answers "WHAT!" So I quickly as possible explain the situation and he says, fine, come get it. But babe, I say, I need you to bring out a key because the spare that I keep at all times is on the key ring that I gave Preteen this morning.

Can you believe this? All before 8am. Yeah, BEFORE 8 AM. I was then lead to two yes 1, 2 closed roads via the GPS that works in my hubby's truck/dumpster.

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  1. What a terrible day! And now you know why I hate GPS!