Wednesday, April 21, 2010

ok fine, you didn't miss me... so what. But I have a FUNNY!!!

P: Mommy?
Me: Yea?
P: I think the star closest to the earth is about 5 mega pixels away.
Me: You think (snickering)
P: Yea, that sounds about right.
Me: Something like that.

Little P walks out of the room...
Preteen A: What are you laughing about?
Me: Something Little P said..
Preteen A: I heard but don't know what's funny about it.
Me: (full blown, side splitting laughter)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Umm, hi... Remember me?

Ok, so the good news is... I am still alive and kicking... I know, some of you were worried... I realized my last post was like 5 months ago! Crazy, huh?
Since then, what's happened you ask? Well...
School was canceled several times for a dusting of snow
I started taking sign language classes
I went to a fancy schmancy meeting
My daughter LIKED the shirt I bought
I watched Ohio State kick Michigan hiney
My husband and daughter went to WWE wrestling
Saw Avatar... wow.
Fell of the sled trying to "surf"
Fought with my kids about clothes
Volunteered to dice 12 onions for Chili cook off
Started creating a family cookbook
Got angry with postal workers
Sold 200 boxes of Girl Scout cookies
Had my home broken into
Began classes to get my real estate license
had my mom come to visit
Little P fractured her ankle
My car broke down
Had someone on speaker phone call me a moron to my boss
Had my car fixed and then it broken down again
Had my car fixed
Had the tool shed broken into...

That about sums it up... at least brings you up to date... Questions?

Have you missed me?