Thursday, April 30, 2009

Book Report - The Ishbane Conspiracy

Title - The Ishbane Conspiracy

Author - Randy Alcorn

Summary - Jillian is picture-perfect on the outside, but terrified of getting hurt on the inside. Brittany is a tough girl who trusts almost no one. Ian is a successful athlete who dabbles in the occult. And Rob is a former gang-banger who struggles with guilt, pain, and a new found faith in God. These four college students will face the ultimate battle between good and evil in a single year. As spiritual warfare rages around them, a dramatic demonic correspondence takes place. Readers can eavesdrop on the enemy, and learn to stave off their own defeat, by reading The Ishbane Conspiracy.

What I learned...First let me say this book was recommended to me by mt BFF, especially since I was facing a difficult decision concerning my preteen. Do I assert my authority, put my foot down and risk her not talking to me? Or do I allow her to express herself, and avoid conflict and ultimately parental guidance.

In this book I got to see the correspondence between the demons assigned to the "vermin" (teenagers) and there quest to keep the truth about the "Enemy" and the "Carpenter" from them. How they use parental compliance to plant seeds of doubt and keep them from hearing the truth. That as long as you aren't seeking and hearing and living the truth, this is success for the devil. You don't have to be a satanist devil worshiper. It reinforced that children need parents, not friends. That they need to be accountable and guided.

I was surprised and happy that the book had several very real situations that young adults address everyday. It was interesting to read the letters between the demons and see what methods they were using to keep them from "the enemy", and to relate and recognize those moments in my own life throughout the years.

My favorite sentence in the book was in one of the demons letters, it read "do what ever you have to do, if they hear the Truth, all heaven's going to break loose"

I think every parent, every teacher, every young adult should read this.

This will all make sense in a moment... bare with me here.

If you've been reading for a while you will remember that I mentioned a recent weight gain... I had been pondering "What am I doing different?" and the only thing I could come up with is sweet tea. I am an original northerner... we don't drink sweet tea. You can verify that by walking into any restaurant and asking for sweet tea, they will bring you unsweet and packets of sugar.

When I got sick and was in the hospital for my kidney stone, I was told to lay off the soda... so since my husband is a sweet tea lover and I didn't want to make 2 separate pots I started drinking his sweet tea... Big giant 32 oz tumblers several times a day...

So I was watching something on TV and is said that there are about 200-250 calories per 16 oz of sweet tea....

So I start thinking... the average calorie requirement per day is 2000 calories (roughly) and if I drink 3 of my giant tumblers of sweet tea that puts me at 1500 calories and I have maybe 500 calories to spare... Hmmm....

So yesterday while my husband was making coffee at 4:15 am he, for whatever reason, put the coffee filter and grinds in the sink... yes, the sink. I called him after work cuz, well, it ticked me off! He swears he has no recollection of the event and that he was still asleep. When he got home from work, he had a candy bar and a note that said "Sorry :-)" So while I was indulging in my treat I looked to see how much damage I had done my enjoying such a delightful chocolate bar and I realized that that candy bar had 230 calories. 230 calories? So my 3 giant glasses of sweet tea would be the same as eating 6 candy bars a day. That is absurd! No one would be so self destructive as to eat 6 candy bars a day.

So, I have retired the sweet tea, I have one diet soda a day and once it's gone, it's water for the rest of the day...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Why my dog is getting a benadryl tonight...

Oh my Goodness...

Talk about body snatchers, I think I must have the wrong dog in my house because I do not remember her being so stinking annoying! (Not recently anyways)

Pepper ALWAYS sleeps with preteen A, but tonight was an all-night paaaarrr-tay.

1:15 am - Pepper is pawing at my bedroom door which isn't completely latched, after some whining and pawing the door finally opens and she barges in. Circling the bed, back and forth about 87 times, she finally stops to itch her dry allergy skin... Thud thud thud thud thud thud thud thud thud thud thud thud thud thud thud thud thud thud thud.....

2:00 am - In walks little P, to which the attack dog so kindly announces her arrival (insert really loud bark 7 times)
She says she "soiled" her bed... After some clarification that translates to she knocked her giant glass of water over and soaked her bed.

2:45 am - She is pacing the floor, rubbing her butt on my bed, sticking her nose under my hand that dared breach the perimeter of the bed and fall over the side and itching again... thud thud thud thud thud thud thud thud thud. I kick the dog out of the room and shut the door.

3:30 am - Pepper is back pawing and crying to get in my room... I listen for a few minutes and then doze back off... I am abruptly awakened a few minutes later to her jumping up ON MY BED! Now I KNOW she has lost her stinking mind. Before you all go on thinking I am an animal hater, I have mega allergies, the fact that we can co-exist is a miracle in it's self... I draw the line at the bed...

4:15 am Hubby's alarm awakens me, and then I doze back off...

5:15 am My alarm awakens me... I shuffle out to get my coffee and turn off little P's TV and find the dog asleep on her bed and a pee spot on the floor.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

my budding photograhper - A

These are a couple pictures Preteen A took on her camping trip... You will then see what we rescued from the jaws of my attack Miniature Schnauzer...

No we did not keep it, almost but after spending 5 minutes on the Internet, I learned that a wild baby rabbit in captivity doesn't do well... So after we played, and snuggled and took 100 pictures we finally let her go.

PS - Referring to my last post, I'm better now. Mostly just blowing off steam and frustration. I know that the better I am doesn't mean the less stress I'll have... Like I said I was just frustrated...

PPS - I just finished a really good book... I'll review it for you soon...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Why have you picked me to be Job?

Dear Jesus,
I read somewhere that you don't hear, or acknowledge or answer our prayers until we confess out sins. Have I missed something? I thought I got it ALL out that day, you know? I'm not sure if I understand all this so just in case I forgot something...
I'm sorry for spelling S-w-i-m-m-i-n-g in front of my little sister so I didn't have to drag her along.
I'm sorry for letting everyone believe that billy farted in 5th grade gym during sit ups when it was really me.
I'm sorry for dumping my good friends in a faint hope of being popular and liked by the cool kids.
I'm sorry I rejected you when my step dad died.
I'm sorry for being an all around teenage putz.
I'm sorry for ignoring you for my own self gratification for the past 10 years.
I'm sorry it took me SO long to get my head out of my (you know what) and finally give it all up to you.

So now, when I feel like I am learning your word, and understanding your message, and promoting my belief in you, and truly feel like one of your children, why do I feel like... Why have you picked me to be Job?
I went back to work, because I prayed about it and you opened that door for me, now hubby's work is only working every other week! I suppose this job was so we could meet our needs, not our wants.

I know you won't give me more than I can handle, but come on already... Does it always have to be pushed to the brim? I have only had 2 months of reprieve, out of the 2 years of ridiculous stress. I'm tired. I'm tired of this. It's too much. My plate of full. What more do you want from me?

Still praying and trusting in the Lord.

Ring... Ring...

Hi, you reached Lucky's blog.
She is kinda in a pissy mood and doesn't feel like being entertaining.
Call back tomorrow, or you can leave a message if you like.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Preteen A award

My oldest, Preteen A, has won her second award this year for her writing. Earlier this year she won and award from D.A.R.E. for her essay written on what DARE has taught her. Last night we had dinner at The Crown Plaza hotel in honor of her nomination for her CHARACTER Counts essay. All the students her given a choice of 50 quotes/words of wisdom and then had to write an essay to apply that phrase to their life. She chose "Fall down seven times, stand up eight" Only 4 students were picked from each school in the county. I am a proud momma bear.
Here is her essay, which could not be any more than 500 words.
Fall seven times, Stand up eight
One day I was asleep in my midnight black room when I suddenly awoke because something was licking my face. When I awoke there was a chocolate black horse with a chestnut brown spot on it's back in my room. I ran out of my room and into my parent’s room. I asked my parents why there was a horse in my room. They exclaimed "because we got it for free and we know you always wanted one." I told them, yeah, but I don't know how to ride a horse! This is why they also bought me lessons.
I asked when I could ride the horse. I was told that I had to come up with a name and that my riding instructor was waiting outside. I had decided to name her Kogoma and I went outside for my lesson. First I need to show you the basics, my instructor informed me. So I'll show you how to mount the horse. First, go get the saddle out of the barn. Now that you have the saddle place it upon the horse's back. Then you need to strap it on. After, you do that you need to get on her. What do you do when you get on I wanted to know. You kick her side and she'll start to run.
When I got on Kogoma she got on her hind legs and I fell off! I wanted to give up but my instructor convinced me to get back on because if I didn't than I would never learn anything. So I got back on and Kogoma kicked me off again! I got back on about seven times before I finally got the hang of it. At the end of the day I put Kogoma in the stables and ran inside to bed.
After school I ran outside to the stables and got Kogoma. My mom told me I had to paint Kogoma’s name on the stable door I drew a red heart with an arrow going through it on the door. After I was done I saddled up Kogoma and got on. But when I got on, Kogoma stood on her hind legs and I fell off again! I fell off about seven times again but finally I got the hang of it again! I told myself that no matter how many times I fall off I will always get back up. Now I am a pro horse jumper. If I hadn’t listened to my instructor and gave up I would have never won millions, & millions of dollars.
From that day forward, every time I helped my friends do something they always wanted to quit on the first try and I never let them I always made them try harder to get it and they always got it eventually. Because I always stuck to the saying Fall seven times, Stand up eight.
I think I have a little author on my hands!!!!
On another note, this JOB thing that I started on Monday is really cutting into my internet addiction...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pasta clothes

P - Can I wear my Easter dress to school?
Me - No honey.
P - Oh yeah, it has noodle straps
Me - spaghetti straps
P - Yeah

Monday, April 20, 2009

belly ache mystery

There once was a little girl named little P, oddly the day her momma made a giant batch of cupcake cake balls, she started getting a belly ache.

I took preteen A to shop for her 5th grade camping trip, and little P stayed home with daddy who was napping and not feeling well. The cake ball population took a HUGE hit. So many cupcake cake balls were consumed that little P's belly hurt SO bad she didn't even eat dinner.

Then this morning when I woke her it was aching again... Can I stay home from school, she says. No says mean mommy it's my first day at my new job. Can I have a cake ball, she says. No says mean mommy, you have a belly ache, remember?

Fifteen minutes later we pull up to the school, turn turn to give little P a kiss, and what do I see? Cake ball crumbs around her lips.

I better NOT get a call from the school today.

Friday, April 17, 2009

It's official...

I finally did it. I got my TN drivers license. Do you know what that means for me? Other than I am legally driving, (whatever, who cares) but most importantly, I can get A LIBRARY CARD! Man I am SO stoked especially since I went to THREE books stores yesterday looking for A SPECIFIC book which NO ONE had... Guess what? I can go check out the library...

Oh and you all would be so proud... I donated blood yesterday. Something I had been meaning to do, and then yesterday with all the new construction downtown, I got off on the wrong exit which planted me next to the blood donation center. So I figured it was time. Only half way through my donation, I stopped flowing... Come to find out, I had decided to start clotting where the needle went in, so some lady - who was a dear - came over and held the needle in a special spot and was able to get a full donation out... I have O+ which is much needed blood, I have no fear of donating of needles, but I have tiny little veins... 2 outta 3, huh? My hubby has giant protruding man veins, and wouldn't get near a donation center with a 10 MILE pole. Sissy. :-)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Intelligence does NOT equal maturity

Yesterday was a difficult day. I have made the parental mistake of believing that Preteen A's intelligence is equal to her maturity. It is not. She IS however and 11 yr old little girl. This past year she has been experimenting with her style and her identity and chose "Goth" as her avenue. I have allowed her to express herself thinking that she was mature enough to, and hoping that it would drizzle out... It has not.

Yesterday, she took her love of all things Goth and Emo one step too far. I called my girlfriends, cried, and then stripped her room of all things crossbones. I believe if you surround yourself in darkness, it will creep inside.

So I announced to her last night that I had made the decision. No more goth related items in the house. She cried off and on all night, I am pretty sure she hates my guts, which breaks my heart, which also lets me know I did the right thing. I feel so unequipped for this...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

And the winner is....

Last night I grabbed my camera phone to take pictures of each step of the drawing process because my actual camera was outside in the car and I just didn't feel like heading out there to get it. In the words of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman "Big Mistake - HUGE" Because now as I attempt to send he pictures to my e-mail I am getting a big red button that says "FAILED"
So you are going to need to use your imagination here...

Here is a picture of all the names written on little pieces of paper...

Here they are all crumpled into little balls inside a hat...

Now Little P is reaching in...

She is unfolding the paper...

She reads out the name...

And it says......... CASSIE
You have won the showcase showdown... You now get to pick either something from my stash... OR if you would prefer a specific schematic that could be arranged. Congratulations.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Did you know I seriously stink sometimes at being a good momma? For instance, did you know that my 8 yr old knows everything there is to know about installing patio paver stones? Neither did I. Can I say freely, without being judged too harshly that... SHE WAS DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!!!! She had a bit of a "know-it-all" thing going on and I actually asked her to please stop talking. Then I said, if you don't have something nice to say, don't say it. I know, I know... I'm not proud... but have you ever been busting your hiney for 3 days, muscles that you didn't know existed are aching and then your precious angel asks why your complaining because she carried more stones then I did. That is why some species eat their young.

I did redeem my tempermental momma state when I took the kids to the mall yesterday... We walked all around, we jumped in the sling shot thing a ma bob. They purchased goodies with the little Easter money they received. And I spotted these items of pure joy...

Am I in a time warp? Is it 1986? If only I still had my box of awesome clothes from then, my kids could be sporting authenic 80's garb.
Don't forget, contest ends at 5pm EST today. If you were considering following, NOW is a good time to link up, if you were working on a friend... light a fire under their hiney.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Contest Entries as of Saturday Morning

One of my friends asked 'WHY" to the whole narrator bit on the contest. There really was no "why" It was more so the conversation I was having in my head, but I didn't want you all to think I was crazy, so I went for OFFICIAL CONTEST RULES like an announcer. Maybe announcer would have been better than narrator... Anyways...
Michele - 5
Cassie - 2
Pam - 1
Pam - 1
Wally - 1

Wally - Next time you log in on the right hand side it says "Follow" Click in it and it will officially add you as a follower.

Pam's Perspective - I added your button to my site. Love it.

Cassie - Thanks for the shameless plug for my blog. Maybe someone will pull through for you!

In completely unrelated news, I have Poison Ivy -AGAIN. I feel as though the plant sneaks up on me and wraps around my ankle, pulls me down in to the woods and violates me. Then 2 days later when I have erased the memory from my brain... I begin to break out in itchy blisters and I wonder, "Where did these come from?"

Friday, April 10, 2009

Long Weekend

1. I got the job, I interviewed last week and was called in fo a second yesterday. The offer was extended and I start on the 20th. It is a bookkeeping position, more in my comfort zone than teaching. My little P is gonna be disappointed that I never got to sub her class.

2. Hubby and children are off through Monday... You know what that means... Don't hold your breathe for a blog...

3. Contest update. I have ONE entry so far. Was my request too hard? The prize too lame? Anyway I do have a new follower - Pam Check her out, and her adorable family. So far Pam, you are in the lead as the only entry.

I hope everyone has a great Easter.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Contest - Giveaway - Read ME

Lucky - "Umm, where do I start?"
Narrator - "Tell them what they can win Lucky"
Lucky - " oh, of course... I am going to hand make you an apron"
Narrator - "and?"
Lucky - "oh yea, I'm a little tired and am having trouble keeping my thoughts straight"
Narrator - "NOO, tell the lovely people what is so special about the apron"
Lucky - "oh , geesh of course. You lovely people get to pick your fabric. This is what I have in stock for a nice apron, but if there is nothing there that fancy's you... I may be inclined to hand select something new for you based on your color/theme request."
Lucky - "ok, well then I guess we are done here"
Narrator - "LUCKY! You need to tell them how to enter!"
Lucky - "oh yea! Ok. It's gonna be a point system and the contest will be open for one week! Closing at 5pm est Tuesday April 14th"
Each point is an entry in a random drawing...
Become a NEW follower and receive 1pt
Post an entry mentioning me, linking to any of my posts on YOUR blog - 2pts
Seek out a new follower (recommend me to someone who then decided to follow) 5pts
Be sure to comment and let me know if you've recommended someone who joined, or if you have posted about me... I wouldn't want to cheat anyone a point...
Let the shameless self-promotion begin!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Who decided they were weeds?

I looked up at the definition of a weed. This is what it said...

1.a valueless plant growing wild, esp. one that grows on cultivated ground to the exclusion or injury of the desired crop.
2.any undesirable or troublesome plant, esp. one that grows profusely where it is not wanted

My Little P spotted these a couple days ago when I was weeding the flower beds to get ready for spring. She was flabbergasted to see me rip these beautiful flowers out the ground. She almost seemed sad for the little plant and asked it she could save it. They are now appropriately placed in a mason jar in my kitchen windowsill.

When I saw a weed she saw a flower and I thought, WHO decided that dandelions are here by considered weeds? I have grass growing in the cracks of my sidewalk, is it now called a weed, or do you still call it grass?

Why do we say our children are "growing like weeds" I don't consider them valueless, more like priceless! Is it because we can't keep them small, they "grow profusely" even when we as parents aren't quite ready?

I guess I would prefer my babies were weeds, strong and hearty, growing profusely. I certainly am not interested in delicate flowers and wither at the first sign of distress.

Stay tuned for contest details.

I will be announcing the rules, points, etc for my give away contest TOMORROW...

Don't worry it has nothing to do with speed, trivia etc...

Don't forget, TOMORROW I will announce the details.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Just a quickie...

I have a new header picture... Notice preteen A's gloves (that she HAD to have) haven't even had the tags ripped off yet. Notice who's are the dirtyest? ME.

Well, I am kinda in limbo today, not sure what I am doing sooo... Since I actually posted this weekend (which I never do) this is all you are getting today... Sorry.

As for my giveaway... I went to Target to find the item that I wanted to give away and they didn't have any, and they cost more than I remembered... so here's the deal. IF I get the job that I applied for last week, I will order the forementioned item and have a contest. If I do not get the job, I will let you pick from my stash of fabric and I will make you an apron. Deal?

Happy Monday!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Scripted Sundays from Blog Stalkers Unite


What Brings you Back to your Childhood?

About a month ago hubby and I got our income tax return... With that little bonus we usually pay off some debt, purchase necessities we have been waiting for and then we also usually buy ourselves a treat.

We have been eyeing this record player at Target for at least two years, but each time we see it or think of it, we are usually shopping for birthdays or Christmas and not in a position to splurge on ourselves. Until now.

Hubby and I practically RAN out to the shed to retrieve our ancient collection of 45's and albums. I found the very first 45 I ever owned, 1999 by Prince, then the soundtrack to the movie Annie... What other treasures did I find? The John Denver album given to me by my cousin. We had Huey Lewis and the News, Michael Jackson (Thriller and Bad) Elton John, Janis Joplin, Def Leppard and Bill Cosby!

The list of 45's is MUCH longer...

You belong to the city - Glen Fry
We built this city - Starship
Summer of 69 - Bryan Adams
The Flame - Cheap Trick
In your eyes - Debbie Gibson
Crazy fior you - Madonna
Living on a Prayer - Bon Jovi
Who's Johnny - From the Movie Short Circuit
Words get in the Way - Miami Sound Machine
Alone - Heart

This is NOT even a complete list...

We forced the kids in to listen to a couple of our favorite songs, most of them recieved an eye roll except for the couple that they reconized from either Rock Band or Guitar Hero.

Each record is a thumbmark in my life... How old I was, what boy I was crushing on, where I lived, what my struggles were, what that song meant to me.

Just hearing the first couple bars I am instintaly taken back in time to the moment in my childhood that that song defined for me.

Share with me... a song that takes you back in time. The only catch is that it MUST be vinyl. No cassettes or CD's allowed in my nostalgia memory lane... So I guess 20 something's can't play, unless you listened to your momma's albums...

For me? I would pick John Denver - Grandma's Feather Bed. This album took me back to when my parents were married, my friends and I roamed the sub division and I spent weekends at my aunt's where I didn't have to say please. I was about 7, the song was funny but I felt so grown up listening to the same album as my cousin who was then 20.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Book Report 2fer -Summerhouse and Return to Summerhouse

Author - Jude Deveraux
Title - Summerhouse
Title - Return to Summerhouse

In each book three woman go on vacation to "the Summerhouse" where they encounter Madam Zoya. She gives each woman an opportunity to go back in time, rewrite a painful past, to answer a lingering what-if question of doubt.

This is a great beach book. You don't have to think about who is who. You are entertained. It makes us all think about our "what-if" moments. What if I had taken that job out of state, what if I hadn't gone on that blind date, what if I had turned around.?

What if I knew then what I know now? What changes would I have made?

The most encouraging part about this book? Even though some of the woman went through hardships, some chose to not change a thing in their past. They recognized that each hill they hiked and valley they crossed made them who they are today. Without that specific journey they would never be all that they had become. I sometimes mourn the bad decisions I had made in the past, and wish I could erase all the hurt that those decisions made. But then I wonder, if I erase that bad decision would I also erase all the wisdom I gained from it? The hurt and pain can heal, but the wisdom I gained could only be learned through experience.

If you are going through a what if moment of doubt, snag this book. It will encourage you to think things through and to realize that maybe you are right where you should be.

Friday, April 3, 2009

More random thoughts

I think I have writers block.

I have a job interview today.

I am missing my kids honor awards program for the interview.

I watched Revolutionary Road yesterday with Kate Winslet and Leonardo DeCaprio. Sad.

My mom bought me a ton of fabric to make new aprons with.

I need to do a couple book reviews of things I've read.

I need to get stamps, pay bills, mail a card and write a letter to Grandma.

Why is it that I am the only person in the house with a sense of smell and can tell when the hamster cage REALLY needs cleaned?

Why does the dog only want to lay on the freshly folded clothes?

WHY does my 11 yr old roll her eyes when I suggest she should wash her face and put on deodrant?

And WHY must I tell my 8 yr old to wash her hair each time she enters the shower?

See, these are the thoughts running through my head, not one of them is blog worthy, not one could be elaborated into a story. I suppose the only thing intereting might be that I have been toying with the idea of a new contest/giveaway. Did that interest anyone?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Life goes on...

I'm back.
It has been a very long week, 6 house guests plus my family of four.

Monday was the funeral procession to the graveside. We were on a 4 lane highway with a median in the center. As we drove along, with our funeral flags on the cars, and the hearse leading the trail of 50+ cars what I saw welled me up with pride.

Every car on either side of the highway pulled over, and not just for the hearse, for the entire procession. Men working outside stopped and took off their hats. The entire world froze with respect to the deceased and I had never been more proud to live here.

The guests are gone, the air matress deflated, and sheets are in the wash. Time froze if only for a moment, but now life goes on...