Saturday, April 11, 2009

Contest Entries as of Saturday Morning

One of my friends asked 'WHY" to the whole narrator bit on the contest. There really was no "why" It was more so the conversation I was having in my head, but I didn't want you all to think I was crazy, so I went for OFFICIAL CONTEST RULES like an announcer. Maybe announcer would have been better than narrator... Anyways...
Michele - 5
Cassie - 2
Pam - 1
Pam - 1
Wally - 1

Wally - Next time you log in on the right hand side it says "Follow" Click in it and it will officially add you as a follower.

Pam's Perspective - I added your button to my site. Love it.

Cassie - Thanks for the shameless plug for my blog. Maybe someone will pull through for you!

In completely unrelated news, I have Poison Ivy -AGAIN. I feel as though the plant sneaks up on me and wraps around my ankle, pulls me down in to the woods and violates me. Then 2 days later when I have erased the memory from my brain... I begin to break out in itchy blisters and I wonder, "Where did these come from?"


  1. Bummer about the poison ivy. Thank you so much for adding my button! I love it, too! Thanks too for entering me in the contest. Sorry about all the confusion. Who knew there were two Pam's following you. Did I say how embarassed am I about that? *blushes*