Friday, April 10, 2009

Long Weekend

1. I got the job, I interviewed last week and was called in fo a second yesterday. The offer was extended and I start on the 20th. It is a bookkeeping position, more in my comfort zone than teaching. My little P is gonna be disappointed that I never got to sub her class.

2. Hubby and children are off through Monday... You know what that means... Don't hold your breathe for a blog...

3. Contest update. I have ONE entry so far. Was my request too hard? The prize too lame? Anyway I do have a new follower - Pam Check her out, and her adorable family. So far Pam, you are in the lead as the only entry.

I hope everyone has a great Easter.


  1. Ok so I am a bit slow but here it is
    Congrats again on the job :-D

  2. Hey! Don't tell everyone I'm the only one who entered. How the heck am I going to win if their are more contestants. Same thing happened when I tried to be Miss America, too. Sheesh!

    In all seriousness. Congrats on the new job! Way to go! And thank you for linking to my blog! You are too nice!

  3. Oops! I'm not the right Pam. Who would have thought that your two newest followers would be named Pam. How embarassing. But, hey I thought I did enter your contest. I'm going to have to go figure that out. Let the best "Pam" win. LOL!

  4. CONGRATULATIONS! I am so glad for you guys-I hope your new job is the perfect fit for you!