Monday, April 20, 2009

belly ache mystery

There once was a little girl named little P, oddly the day her momma made a giant batch of cupcake cake balls, she started getting a belly ache.

I took preteen A to shop for her 5th grade camping trip, and little P stayed home with daddy who was napping and not feeling well. The cake ball population took a HUGE hit. So many cupcake cake balls were consumed that little P's belly hurt SO bad she didn't even eat dinner.

Then this morning when I woke her it was aching again... Can I stay home from school, she says. No says mean mommy it's my first day at my new job. Can I have a cake ball, she says. No says mean mommy, you have a belly ache, remember?

Fifteen minutes later we pull up to the school, turn turn to give little P a kiss, and what do I see? Cake ball crumbs around her lips.

I better NOT get a call from the school today.


  1. Ok, THIS made me laugh. Thank you for that!

  2. LOL!! Can't wait to hear the the first day on teh job went!!