Friday, April 3, 2009

More random thoughts

I think I have writers block.

I have a job interview today.

I am missing my kids honor awards program for the interview.

I watched Revolutionary Road yesterday with Kate Winslet and Leonardo DeCaprio. Sad.

My mom bought me a ton of fabric to make new aprons with.

I need to do a couple book reviews of things I've read.

I need to get stamps, pay bills, mail a card and write a letter to Grandma.

Why is it that I am the only person in the house with a sense of smell and can tell when the hamster cage REALLY needs cleaned?

Why does the dog only want to lay on the freshly folded clothes?

WHY does my 11 yr old roll her eyes when I suggest she should wash her face and put on deodrant?

And WHY must I tell my 8 yr old to wash her hair each time she enters the shower?

See, these are the thoughts running through my head, not one of them is blog worthy, not one could be elaborated into a story. I suppose the only thing intereting might be that I have been toying with the idea of a new contest/giveaway. Did that interest anyone?


  1. Those are all great thoughts. And PLEASE, when you figure out how to get the kids to wash their entire bodies every time they get in the shower let me know what you come up with!...I have the same daily dilemna, its crazy...

    I'm for the contest idea....

  2. Hurry up and get those book reviews done, I'd love to read them!