Saturday, April 4, 2009

Book Report 2fer -Summerhouse and Return to Summerhouse

Author - Jude Deveraux
Title - Summerhouse
Title - Return to Summerhouse

In each book three woman go on vacation to "the Summerhouse" where they encounter Madam Zoya. She gives each woman an opportunity to go back in time, rewrite a painful past, to answer a lingering what-if question of doubt.

This is a great beach book. You don't have to think about who is who. You are entertained. It makes us all think about our "what-if" moments. What if I had taken that job out of state, what if I hadn't gone on that blind date, what if I had turned around.?

What if I knew then what I know now? What changes would I have made?

The most encouraging part about this book? Even though some of the woman went through hardships, some chose to not change a thing in their past. They recognized that each hill they hiked and valley they crossed made them who they are today. Without that specific journey they would never be all that they had become. I sometimes mourn the bad decisions I had made in the past, and wish I could erase all the hurt that those decisions made. But then I wonder, if I erase that bad decision would I also erase all the wisdom I gained from it? The hurt and pain can heal, but the wisdom I gained could only be learned through experience.

If you are going through a what if moment of doubt, snag this book. It will encourage you to think things through and to realize that maybe you are right where you should be.

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