Monday, March 2, 2009

Kindergardeners - Tiny people

I subbed today. My very first day in a class room, I get kindergartners of all things! Now I have been a very self righteous parent for years... and very good at I must tell you.

How does the saying go? Walk a mile in someone else's shoes? Something like that? I think every parent should have to teach a class for one day, that event alone would increase the respect for teachers and pass every tax to up teachers salaries.

We did a work sheet that had math problems 1+2 or 4+4 nothing higher than 4+5, there were some kids that knew the answers on the spot, there were some who worked diligently to figure them out, and then there were some that even when you held up the fingers for them to count, skipped a finger and then triple counted the ones that were hidden. Such a range of need and comprehension.

Sorry this is short, but I wasn't prepared for today, I am trying to get dinner going, homework done, and as BFF said "Even dooce updated her blog and she's pregnant and on vacation"

I think those little sponges sucked the creativeness out of me!

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