Friday, February 13, 2009

totally safe safety seal... yea right!

Oh My GOSH... the whole reason I got on the computer a few minutes ago was to tell you this story and then I forgot, or maybe ripped it from my memory in hopes to never ever recall it again...

Think that safety sealed food is safe?

Not any more.

Hubby and I were at a particular discount store that focuses on the FAMILY and saving a DOLLAR... wink wink get it? I know, I'm so stinkin clever. We walk up to the check out when an employee was standing there with a pepper shaker, the cap unscrewed and off, and she was using Elmer's glue to reseal the paper. Yes, you saw that right. She was gluing the I promise this food hasn't been tampered with seal back on the the pepper shaker and then screwed the lid back on.

Hubby put back the canister of pringles and we left with only detergent and drano.

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  1. Oh my being a bit of a grem-a-phob this knowledge freaks me out a bit.