Wednesday, February 11, 2009

dreams and cornflakes

Had a strange dream last night.... Many of you that read my blog also read The Pioneer Woman's blog as well... so I had a dream about her last night.

I dreamt that I had won a contest, 5 people were pick to come to the Grand Opening of The Lodge... I was totally stoked to go there, to meet her and just be. So all of a sudden my Mother shows up??? Remember this is a dream so it doesn't have to make sense... and I say to my mom...
ME - Mom, This is Ree, she is the owner of The Lodge
(note: in my dream, my mom and Ree look exactaly alike only Ree is 3 in taller, I don't know if this is signficant)
My mom then gives her an obvious look over turns to me and says
Mom - "Not interested" and walks away...
I then shrivel down into a little blob like in the movie "the little Mermaid" when Ursula makes merpeople her prisioners.... That is exactally what happened to me.
(I just google searched for about 10 minutes of the image, CAN NOT FIND IT)

Hubby has a nasty cold... You all know how men are when they have colds... He asked me to shoot him, if he's not careful, I just might. :-)
ok ok not really, i adore the guy and he actually tries to care for himself... that was me just being goofy.

My little P has THE thickest Hair ever known to mankind. Seriously. Uh, I think maybe 2 or 3 people actually know her that read this and can vouch for that. So she has a hard time shampooing her hair and getting all the shampoo out. From time to time she get little globs of dried shampoo in her hair and needs "a mommy scrub" as we call it. She told me this morning that she is in need of a mommy scrub bewcause she is tired of..... Drumroll please...........

She is tired of the cornflakes in her hair.

Where does she get this? How does she come up with this stuff? She seriously kills me.


  1. Your daughter probably found that word to describe the shampoo in her hair the same place I found my most memorable as a kid. I used to call the hairs on my legs feathers...and I used to call sparkly things "blinky". lol Kids are great!

  2. Jordan, I looove your blog-it's hilarious! Kids do say the darndest things, don't they? That's great you're recording them, so you can look back in future years at how cute they were.

  3. when I read stuff like this, I miss you guys even more!!!