Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Stalker - The ultimate form of flattery

I have a new blogger friend I would like to introduce you all to. Her name is Cassie and her blog is titled EUG . (Click here to check it out, she has pictures of cute boys up there right now) I realized that I don't know what that stands for, and it is possible that I just haven't read back far enough. I mention her for a few reasons...

First, she is having a contest on her web site, go check it out... There haven't been too many participants yet and this fact is making her very sad, it also makes our odds of winning really good... wink wink.

Second, she speaks tween. I can talk about how HSM is SO yesterday, and how we all hate Demi Lovato because she got Joe Jonas in the movie Camp Rock, and, well Joe is the cutest Jo Bro. Selena Gomez, is the greatest actress/singer on the planet, and could kick Demi's rear any day. (these opinions are the opinion of my 11yr old tween)

Third, and most importantly, she admitted to wasting a considerable amount of time reading my ENTIRE blog all the way back through the beginning in spaces!!!!! You just can't imagine how that strokes my ego. WOW, I mean I know I've done that, on a couple blogs... but me? WOW. Maybe if my head swells up just a bit more, my butt won't look so fat.

So if she is hooked to the literary masterpiece that is this blog. She will comment and tell us all what eug stands for... Cassie?

And GO check out her contest already!!!!!!


  1. It's what my husband calls me spmetimes. Mostly when he wants to choke me or thinks he's being cute in front of my friends. My middle name is Eugenia YUCK so Eug is derived from that. So since my blog gets on his nerves sometimes I thought it fitting to name it Eug. Wish it was a better story but that's it.

  2. I will go check out Cassie! But what is scarey to me is I actualy followed what you were saying in the tween talk!!

  3. i didn't follow the tween talk, but totally get the rest! ;) off to check out the contest....