Friday, February 13, 2009

Good grief Charlie Brown...

My little P should have been a Charlie. In fact I think I mentioned the name Charlie for a girl to hubby which was quickly vetoed. Anyways... Her writing grade is on a down slope and alot of it is from simple things. No capital when there should be, a capitol when there shouldn't and no punctuation. So I sat with her to have a little talk and discuss how we were going to practice... She then told me that she usually writes her story and then goes back and put in periods. *sigh* She than began giving me all her excuses, and new complicated ways to change things and that she "really likes long sentences"

I told her that was not an option, she would miss periods and nothing would be capitalized.
She than began to cry her face off and told me a story about a famous writer that didn't know how to write in the 7th grade... I guess she had dyslexia and she wrote the book Thank you Mr Faulkner about over coming difficulties. Anyways, she is a blubbering mess and I then PROMISED her that I would not let her enter 7th grade with out knowing FOR sure that she could read and write.

On another note my oldest A is mad Mad MAD at someone. I had a really great story here, but then realized that if some idiot put 2 and 2 together, that it would be considered a threat, blah blah blah.... She asked me if she could strangle her but not to worry she would wear latex gloves. She would never get caught unless Abby from NCIS worked the case and then she would be busted. Me being the ever so responsible parent that I am denied her that permission... But I think I am seriously gonna have to cut her off the crime scene shows.

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  1. Abby would so catch her. She would find a single hair your daughters stuck in the strangled girls HSM lip gloss or caught in her Hannah Montana earring or worse yet she might leave behind a single drop of sweat on the girls Jo Bros t-shirt and Abby would pull her DNA from it and she would be busted. :-D