Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Molding Young Minds

It's unofficial. I am about to be a substitute teacher... You know because life wasn't miserable enough as it is, so i thought how can I make things even worse... hmmmm (fingers drumming on desk...) What could possibly be the lowest of low in careers...

Ditch digger? Naw they have back hoes and unions... easy.
Garbage truck picker uper? Riding on the back of a truck... wind in my hair... awesome.
Hmmm what person do all people hate and loathe... tax collector? naw. repo man? I don't know how to break into cars...

Oh I KNOW!!!! Substitute teaching!


  1. Aw it won't be THAT bad! Good luck!!

  2. i remember some really great substitutes. there were a couple that we like WAY more than our regular teachers. have fun with it!

  3. Well, I don't envy you but I understand some people quite like subbing. Right?

  4. Aww times have changed. Kids are a lot nicer now to subs. Aren't they? You'll be great! Just let them cut your hair, like you did your daughter, and you will be their favorite!!