Monday, February 2, 2009

holy butter calories batman

I think I have mentioned that I have experienced a bit of a weight gain... (I instantly think of Chris Farley in the movie Tommy boy and he says "I have a bit of a weight problem" Tee hee hee) anyways... so yes, I have gained some weight, I have been stressing over the camoflauge of hiding my muffin top (you know that fat the spills over the pants) Well my super fattyness has reach a new level or should I say, new pant size. Muffin top isn't even an option anymore in my size 12 Levi's, they have screamed Uncle and demanded I put them away until I drop 20! Pounds that is... Not push ups.

Well I am not going to whine anymore, starting nowI am going to watch my calories and figure out what I am putting into my mouth...

So I decided to examine my breakfast

1/2 tsp butter (I have SS pans, not nonstick) 50 cal
2 eggs 140 cal
2 slices of american cheese melted 140 cal
2 slices of white bread 100 cal

2 open faced egg and cheese sandwhich = 390 cal

Holy snikies, is that alot? how many calories am I supposed to eat in a day? I'm better off eating 3 eggs and forgoing the bread and cheese, which I guess deep down I knew that... :-(

This blows.


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  2. I need to lose more than 20 too. I'm glad Shana commented first, i'll go check out that website!