Sunday, February 15, 2009

Beauty secrets - we can all look like super models!!

This morning I was lying in bed have the Great Debate in my head, the one I have every Sunday morning. Do I get my lazy rear out of bed and go to church, or do I skip it and wish I had gone all day. Which is exactaly what happens...

So while I was lying there I watched a comercial for Luminess Air. The comerical says that all the really georgous women from the hit TV show Desperate house wives, their make up artist uses Liminess air on them, and now all of us common woman can have flawless skin and look 10 yrs younger too. Ok so that's step one...

Next comercial was for Proactive for blemishes so that I can be as beautiful as Jessica Simpson. Check got it, that's step two.

Last commerical was for The Contour it is an electric belt that makes your muscles do crunches while you veg out in front of the TV... Now that is what I call progress... Step three.

Maybe I should get the WEN hair care system while I'm at it... I mean if it's good enough for Laura Ingalls then I want lucious silky hair too!

So lets see, I've got the cleanser for blemish-less skin.
Perfect foundation air brush to look 10 years younger..
Rock hard abs with out working for them
and hair cleanser, not shampoo...

If only I had an extra couple hundred bucks I could look like Jennifer Aniston in a matter of weeks!!! Anyone wanna sponser me? I'll test it all out for you!

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