Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dr appts...

Today is Dr Appt day... Preteen A has to get anouther round of vaccines, no biggie.
Little P however is another story... My sweet Little P has had bowel problems since she was born... It has been a LONG frustrating journey, and I wish I could say I feel hopeful, and maybe I do, a little... but history tells me not to get too excited. I will spare you details since most of you are reading this during your morning coffee, but I did write about out plight a few years ago here. Well since then, she's been tested for diabeties at least once more to come back negative, I was asked to read a book called "Sugar Busters" which I have, and changed about 75% of our eating habits... Nothing has changed.
When I try to discuss the problem with a peditrician... they assume I have her on a McD's/BK diet. Reality is we eat fast food maybe once every couple weeks.
Or they will yell at me to "give her some fresh vegatables!" before they ever thought to ask about her current diet.

What's different about today??? We are going to a Pediatric Gastroenterolgist. So a little prayer that they may do more than make assumptions and discard us.

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  1. Good luck! I hope the gastroenterolgist can find an answer! How frustrating!