Wednesday, October 13, 2010

what a week so far...

Monday, had to cater and do a huge presestation to about 20 people... and then we completely tore down the office aquarium. Then Little P had her "crossing over"ceremony from a Junior Girl Scout, to a Cadet.
Tuesday, At 7am (5 minutes before I leave the house) I realized that I never washed the cleaning ladys rags and towels. Yes, I know it's odd, but one of my assumed duties... In my feeble attempt to wash them, then throw them in the dryer, drop the kids off at thier schools, then swing back around to get the dried towels... well they weren't dry at all and the ONLY thing i accomplished was being late for work. That day was crazy, only to rush home to go straight to PTO fall festival planning meeting...
Today, I am driving hubby's truck because I am buying 2 more hens today... Which means I need to get ready, get a container for food and water, grab some straw... Stop by a friends to borrow a dog crate... and I have NO obligation after work!!!!!

ps. Hubby found the battery charger for the camera... which means pictures for you!

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