Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Unrulely kids and parents

Last night was preteen A's choir concert. They did an excellent job. What surprises me is the blatent disregard the parents display toward the teachers and students.

1. First off, as the chorus director is trying to tell us how great our kids are, all the parents and talking among themselves... It's actually embarrassing to be sitting among them.

2. The family behind us... It would seem that grandma was holding the 3-4 yr old child and she wanted down! I know this because they were directly behind hubby, and the child, in her attempt to get down squirmed, kick and cried. If you can't control the kid take them out of the room, there are other people there too.

3. In between songs, another 3-4 year old girl finally spotted her sister on stage... To which she cried out "Sissy, you having fun?" the audience giggled, the director raised her arms to start the song and... She yelled to her sister again, and again... all in all about 9 times, it stopped the concert, and it wasn't until then the mother actually thought to do anything about her antics.

I've had toddlers, I know sometimes they can get a little... unruley... but really? Parents, step up! If your kids want to act like that at home, fine. when other people are there trying to watch their children as well, get a grip on your kids or take them outside.


  1. thanks for you suggestion of visiting Rock City. I think we're going to add it to the list of attractions. =D