Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lousy Day..

I am SO glad yesterday is over! My BFF got mad at me, My mom was randomly lecturing me, my cousin seemed to kinda doing the same thing, the drive through lady at chick-fil-a got snotty with me and my boss, in not so many words, indicated that I am taking advantage of him.

I'll explain the last one... This summer I went from a part time, 1099 employee to a full blown salary employee. With the understanding that (in his mind) that I'd usually work 40-50 hours and the occasional 35 a week. SOOO making me salary would benefit him, and it did during the summer because my kids were at grandma's and I worked all kinds of hours.

Now that school is in session... My hours are not so flexible... the kids get on the bus at 7:20, then I make my 0 min journey to work and start by 8am... Then, I never take more than 30 minutes for lunch ( not that the boss man would notice because he is hardly ever there) but I do that so if we miss the bus one day, or we have a dr appt there is no problem. Then keep in mind the 40-45 min drive and the daycare closes at 6pm... I have to be out the door by 5:10. So yesterday I volunteered to work a couple open houses during our parade of homes on the weekends so that in 3 weeks, when the kids have 2 days off for fall break, I could comfortably ask for those days off. Well when I mentioned this to him yesterday, he stated that the hour scale (50-35) has been one sided and I am always off on an emergency...

I am BEYOND pissed... He quickly forgets that I stayed until 5:45 last week when his sales contract came in at 4:59pm, and I needed to scan and convert and blah blah blah... Or the time he needed me at work by 7:30, so I took Preteen A to a friends at 6:15 in the morning and Little P to morning daycare. Being a single guy his whole life, he has NO idea what coordination it takes to make those kinds of adjustments.

Oh and might I add, I am DEAD IN THE WATER at work right now... yesterday, I cleaned out the fridge... Just for something to do... I not exactly leaving him in a bind...
I would really like to go back to hourly, so if I need to take my kids to the Dr, I can, with out guilt. Just don't pay me for 2 hours! AND if we aren't doing ANYTHING anyways, let me take a day off with my kids? GRRRRrrrrrrr.

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