Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I miss my blog life...

I do, I really miss it, yet as I went from part time employement to full time, and became the treasurer of the PTO, and run a kid to Girl Scouts once a week... That thing I once took for granted, free-time, is now greatly missed.

I miss my outlet of story telling, I have no outlet for this at work because my office consists of me and my boss... Who is male and doesn't care about my totally awesome new hot pink purse.

He doesn't care about my crafty paint project, or manicures, or the stupid things my kids do.

This leaves me with a pent up over abundence of words that I can't get out on a daily basis...

I may need to tweek my schedule, which would mostly consist of limiting facebook...

Then maybe there would be time to resume blogging...

I mean, my oldest daughter is about to turn 13, I need reinforcements, I just discovered TWO secret facebook accounts... and can I just say... it is gonna sound horribly inappropiate but... the girl has passed me up, in ahh... her... oh heck, she has bigger boobs than me!!!!

Oh and did I tell you??? We were robbed a 3rd time this year!


  1. You do need an outlet! Keep tweeking that schedule. Good luck!

  2. We missed you too! Come back to us!! LOL

    (Sorry about the boobs - poor girl)