Monday, June 22, 2009

Week two: With out children

I have resumed some normalacy since the poison ivy completely overtook my body. I am still on steriods, and don't have a mustache yet. At least no more than I already had.

Friday night hubby and I went to The World's Fair Park... for you non-Tennessee'ians... Do you remember the Simpson episode when Bart and Milhouse stole Homers car... they found a flyer for the World's Fair only it was from 1982??? Well the Sun- o- Sphere is still there, there is an observation deck, a bar and a couple businesses... So as theTennessee citizens we are we did our duty and went up to the observation deck... Boring.

We then took off and went to Bass Pro spent at LEAST 2 hours there and then promptly the next day... we took the boat out fishing. It was WONDERFUL... we put the boat in the water and decided to go a different direction and under a bridge... and then we found another bridge which opened up to this large secluded lake. We were the only ones there...We fished for 5 hours, caught a dozen fish betweeen the two of us and a WICKED sunburn on our backs. Now before ya all start lecturing... We applied new suscreen spf 30 twice! It's just our backs, and it is obvious where the sunscreen was applied and where we missed...

I have some pictures of the events that I just mentioned, but... I know... BUT they are in the camera that is in my hubby's truck that is in the gated parking lot of his work.

PS: This was post 99, so I guess that means the next one better be good, huh? The big 1-0-0... I'll post pictures... promise!

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  1. Can't wait for the big one!!!

    My husband and all children are going away in early July. . . I can't wait!!!