Thursday, June 11, 2009


If you've been following for a while you would know that I am a bit of a Poison Ivy connoisseur. You'd like to think that I'm immure to the stuff oh yea... Oh sorry, I broke out in song there for a moment. I have had poison ivy on several separate occasions since moving to Tennessee. I have tried about 30 different treatments some over the counter and prescription but nothing, and I mean NOTHING takes the itch away like hot hot water. I had learned that what happens when you apply the hottest water you can take to the poison ivy, your body releases all the histamine in your body in one swooping moment. Itching releases histamine, which feels good and makes you want to itch more. Benadryl is an ANTI-histamine which attempt to prevent the urge to itch... For me, it just knocks me unconscious for a while. So back to the swooping release of histamine. I have found it makes my entire body feel good. For instance, if I an running the hot water on my arm, I can feel the sensation all the way to my toes and even get light headed... and I just when I think I make actually have an "O-tastic" happy ending (wink wink) it burns. No happy ending there, but since all the histamine has been released there is none left in you body and it takes about 4-5 hours for you to create more and get that itching urge again.
I DO NOT reccomend this as an alternative to acheiving climatic results... Because there is not result... you just wind up and stop.
I have shared this sensation with my Hubby and he concurs the sensation. He also said, not to hang on because as soon as it starts to burn, the happy ending is no longer an option.